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Benefits Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

By | Digital Marketing

Market has significantly changed over last two decades. Now people sit in their bedrooms and go through varieties of products/services and their reviews and buy them within a couple of minutes. Traditional marketing which was effective before the digital era is no longer a reliable source for marketing. For today’s digital market, you need digital marketing to reach more people. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing.

Less Investment & More Returns

Traditional marketing usually targets a wider audience. As a result of which, the whole process gets costly. On the other hand, digital marketing has the ability to target specific audience, which will save you a lot of money and as well as bring more sales.

Get Noticed

The goal of any marketing strategy is to get noticed. People tend to ignore traditional marketing ads such as TV ads, Radio ads, newspaper ads. This is not the case with digital marketing. A good digital marketing strategy will place your ad at the right time and right place, so that you get noticed.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Business

Traditional marketing is not suitable to all kinds of business, especially small businesses and local businesses. Digital marketing is flexible and can suit any type of business and any size of business. No matter what kind of audience you have, with the digital marketing, you can target them and reach them.

Non Interruptive

Traditional marketing ads are interruptive in nature. They are played in between movies, TV series, sports, etc. Viewers really don’t have any option other than changing the channel. This is not the case with digital marketing. Here viewers are in control; they can skip the ad.

Easy Refinement

Modifying traditional marketing campaign running on TV, radio, etc. is not an easy task. It usually takes a couple of days. On the other hand, digital marketing gives you the control in your hand. You can easily track the results and fine-tune the strategy by making adjustments for bringing better results.

Encourage Your Audience To Take Action

Traditional marketing methods do not produce the kind of engagement which digital marketing produces. Due to the absence of “call to action” option, a potential customer is not motivated to take the next step. Unlike traditional methods, digital marketing involves the call to action button. Visitors can easily visit website, landing page, sign up, call, email, etc. by clicking on a call to action button.

More Exposure

Traditional marketing methods are not capable of reaching larger population. They are limited to specific region and specific audience, whereas with the help of digital marketing, you can connect to global audience within no time. Hence, it becomes easy for you to expand your business from local level to international.

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    Lead Generation

    What is lead generation & What are its advantages

    By | Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimizaion

    Lead generation can be defined as the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for your products and services. It plays an important role in expanding customer base. A mature SEO agency always takes lead generation into account and crafts the search engine optimization strategy. In this blog post, we are listing the advantages of lead generation for your business.

    Elevated Conversion Rate

    When people are looking for products or services you offer and discover your website on search engine results page then they are more likely to convert into a customer. For example, if a person has a broken sofa, he will search for “furniture repair” and tend to contact and interact with the top results. A quality lead generation process will convert these leads into customers and increase conversion rate.

    Higher Customer Engagement

    Customer engagement is the most important part of lead generation. Lead generation is impossible without engagement. If you fail to produce an engagement, then you will lose your potential customers to your competitors and suffer losses. Lead generation process does not let your prospects wander and leave. In fact, it engages your prospects, which often results in sales.

    Improved Sales

    We already discussed that a quality lead generation process engages your audience and improves conversion rates in above-mentioned points. These two facts contribute together and increase sales exponentially. The more you invest in lead generation the more sales you make. Moreover, ultimate goal of a lead generation service is to improve sales and earn revenue.

    Know Your Potential Customers

    Lead nurturing is a great way to learn more about your potential customers. Below are the important questions which lead generation process answers:

    • What difficulties your potential customers are facing?
    • What features or qualities they are looking for?
    • What makes them happy?
    • What makes them to trust a business? Etc.

    Showcase Your Expertise

    People are more likely to choose the businesses which they know and trust. When a person turns to your website for the first time, he might not know your business very well. Hence, he might not consider making the next move. Lead generation solves this problem. Lead nurturing is a great opportunity to feed all the necessary information to your prospects and establish trust and showcase your expertise.

    Costs Less Than Traditional Methods Such As TV, Print, etc.

    The biggest advantage of lead generation is that it is cost effective and gives high return on investment (ROI). Traditional methods target wider audience and hence consume a lot of money and efforts to produce required results. On the other hand, lead generation targets only those audience who may become your customers. This is the reason why lead generation is highly successful compared with traditional methods.

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      Digital Marketing Services

      The 7 Different Types Of Digital Marketing: Which Is Right For You?

      By | Digital Marketing

      Digital marketing is the most popular and effective type of marketing. Today, there are several types of digital marketing methods available. If you have an online presence, then it is fundamental to know the different types of digital marketing. Beginners usually find it difficult to know which one is right for them. Therefore, in this blog post, we will help you understand which type of digital marketing is right for your business.

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      SEO is the most famous and fundamental type of digital marketing that everyone needs. If your customers use the search engine to find a business like yours then, SEO is the most basic and powerful type of digital marketing you need. Although SEO has significantly changed during this decade, basic purpose still remains the same. That is to rank higher in search engine results page.

      Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

      PPC is suitable for those businesses whose customers use a search engine to reach them. If you want to get placed in first page of search engine results page instantly, then PPC advertising is the best option. Select the right keywords. Whenever the users type those keywords, your advertisement is displayed along with organic results. As far as PPC is concerned, taking the command in your hand may turn into a costly affair. It is advisable to hire a PPC expert.

      Social Media Marketing (SMM)

      Social media marketing improves various aspects of your business such as brand visibility, brand loyalty, brand recognition, customer relations, website traffic, etc. In simple words; social media marketing is a complete package of benefits. If you want to expand your customer base, then social media marketing is the best option available. SMM is suitable for all the businesses, which have online presence.

      Content Marketing

      Search engines are always looking for good content. Most of the digital marketing methods such as SEO, SMM, etc. revolve around the good content. Content marketing is a collection of the best stuff, working in harmony. If you and your business are capable of producing a high-quality genuine content, then content marketing is something you should try.

      Affiliate Marketing

      In an affiliate marketing, a business owner lets someone else to do the marketing part. Here profit obtained through marketing is shared. Any website where you can track the direct sales such as B2B, Ecommerce business, etc. is suitable for affiliate marketing.

      Viral Marketing

      As the name indicates, Viral Marketing makes your content go viral and bring an overnight success. Viral Marketing Experts present the content in a weird, hilarious, jaw dropping or trendy manner, which catches attention of the audience. Usually, B2C customers are more suitable for this type of digital marketing.

      Email Marketing

      Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of digital marketing that brings high return on investment. Almost all types of online business belonging to small, medium or large size can use email marketing. The main advantage of email marketing over other marketing methods is that it gives you the control over audience, time and message.

      Digital Marketing Services

      Importance Of Digital Marketing In Today’s Scenario

      By | Content Creation, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation

      Today, the Internet is a boon that provides endless opportunities for your small, medium or large business. Currently, more than half of the global population uses the Internet. Experts say that in coming years above 80% of the world population will be online. Therefore, digital marketing has become an integral part of marketing. In this blog post, we will help you understand the importance of digital marketing for your business.


      Digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective mediums of marketing. Traditional marketing methods such as print, broadcast, etc. require a lot of money and provide limited output. On the other hand, Digital Marketing is cheap; it suits all types and sizes of business.


      Mobile users are growing day by day. Currently, a large portion of adult population in UK uses smartphones. With digital marketing, you can easily target your mobile audience, and convert into your customers. Reaching mobile consumers is the key for business growth.


      Digital Marketing allows you to use content to get connected with customers. The advantage of content is that it allows you to speak more and express more. Hence it an effective medium to convey a clear message and attract huge website traffic for the purpose of increasing sales.


      Return On Investment (ROI) is an important factor in any marketing strategy. Traditional marketing methods have low return on investment and don’t suit all types and sizes of business. Where as, Digital marketing is the best method to expand customer base and gain high return on investment.


      There are different types of digital marketing available such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. You can choose any type of marketing depending on your business type, business size and business goals.


      Social media is on the rise. Right from teenagers to old aged people, everyone is on social media. You can improve the efficiency of your campaign by precisely targeting your potential customers based on their age, location and interests. Moreover, it is an effective method to improve brand visibility and brand awareness.


      Trust plays a vital role in converting a potential customer into customer. Digital Marketing strategies will help you to place your brand on first page of Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Being in the first page of Google not only establishes trust, but also increases website traffic. As the result of which, you get new customers effortlessly.


      Results of traditional marketing strategies are difficult to measure. Without knowing detailed outcome, it is difficult to gauge the success of a campaign. This is not the case with digital marketing. Every single digital marketing tactic you use is measurable. You can do an in-depth analysis of present results and fine tune to achieve another landmark.

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        SEO Marketing

        Why Does SEO Take So Long to Start Working?

        By | Digital Marketing, Google, Search Engine Optimizaion

        One of the most important questions asked before going for search engine optimization is, how much time does it take to give results. According to the information provided in the Google Webmaster video, It usually takes four to twelve months to bring noticeable results. Yes, SEO may take a lot of time to give returns. In this post, we will help you understand why SEO takes time.

        1. SEO Involves Several Tasks

        Search engine optimization is not a single task. It is a collection of various time consuming tasks. Regardless of how much experience an SEO agency holds, it takes time to carry out these numerous tasks involved in SEO. Below are some important and time consuming tasks.

        • Setting up the website
        • Setting up social media accounts
        • Keyword research
        • Research on the market
        • Creation of fresh content
        • Research on competitors

        2. Link Building Is Time Consuming

        When it comes to link building, quality always beats quantity. Although there are methods to obtain multiple links quickly, but it is risky. Too many links within a short period of time may trigger Google penalty, and make things worse. Google understands quality link building takes time. That’s why link building is done naturally and gradually, keeping quality in mind.

        3. Web Isn’t Static

        Web is a place which never remains same. It keeps changing. Evolving search engine strategies to adapt these changes is a time-consuming process. Below are the examples of things, which keep changing.

        • Competitors
        • Google Algorithm
        • Behaviour of the Internet users
        • Online market

        4. Tough Competition

        Ultimate goal of competitors is same as that of yours. Beating competitors is an important aspect of search engine optimization. What if you are a newcomer, and your competitor has an online presence since a decade? It is not easy to beat experienced competitors, since they have greater credibility, quality links and established online presence. Obviously, it takes time if your competitors are strong.

        5. Content Creation Takes Time

         Google prioritizes the websites that are improved and updated regularly. Hence creating genuine content improves search engine optimization. This is the reason why blogs have become popular. It allows to add content regularly. Creating fresh content with optimal keyword density is time consuming. You might think of uploading bulk content; it doesn’t work because Google prefers the website that adds content frequently.

        6. Crawling Isn’t Spontaneous

         Crawling is the process of discovering new and updated pages to index. This is done by Google Bots. Google doesn’t track your website all the time. Google Bots wandering in the Internet for inspection of websites may not return to your website for a while. Consequently, Google may notice the changes done on your website after some time, which may delay results.

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          Google Algorithm Updates

          Google Algorithm Updates & Changes History

          By | Digital Marketing, Google, Search Engine Optimizaion

          On an average, Google updates or changes its algorithm nearly 500 times during one year. Most of these updates are usually minor and do not affect SERPs much. Google occasionally rolls out a major update that affects your online presence and search engine optimization (SEO). Here are the major Google algorithm updates in the recent years you need to know.

          PANDA (2011)

          Google’s Panda Update was first launched on 24th February 2011 and has been updated several times. Five years later, that is in 2016, Google added it to the core ranking algorithm. The main purpose of this update is to counter spam and weak content that don’t provide quality to the Internet users. Panda serves this purpose by assigning a quality score to web pages. Avoid plagiarism, spamming and keyword stuffing to avoid Google Panda Penalty.

          PENGUIN (2012)

          On 24th April 2012, Google came with Penguin Update to punish the website that uses spammy, irrelevant or over-optimized anchor text links. Panda works in real time and has been the part of Google’s core algorithm. To avoid penalties run frequent audits to check backlinks. If any low quality or irrelevant link is found, then get rid of them quickly.

          HUMMINGBIRD (2013)

          Hummingbird was launched on 22nd August 2013; the purpose of this update was to provide more relevant and expected results to the users. Here the focus was to bring search results based on the intent behind the search query, rather than individual keywords within the query. As the result of which, Google shows the relevant results in search engine results page that doesn’t necessarily have exact keywords.

          PIGEON (2014)

          Google came up with the Pigeon Update in July 2015 in order to provide precise and relevant results for local search queries. Both Google map search and Google web search are influenced by this update. Google started to use traditional SEO factors to rank local results and established closer ties between the local algorithm and the core algorithm. Pigeon update impact websites negatively that are poorly optimization for search engine.

          MOBILE (2015)

           In April 2015, Google brought a major change in its algorithm in the form of Google Mobile-Friendly Update. The purpose of this update is to prioritize mobile-friendly web pages over the web pages that are not mobile friendly. Consequently, the pages which aren’t mobile friendly are down-ranked. You can find out whether your website is mobile friendly or not via Google’s mobile-friendly test. It can make things easy for you and provide recommendations to fix existing problems.

          RANKBRAIN (2015)

           In October 2015, Google launched RankBrain and confirmed that it is the third most important ranking factor. The prime focus of this update was to make Google understand the meaning behind a search query, and provide the most relevant search results. RankBrain gives consideration to traditional SEO factors and as well as other factors that are query-specific.

          POSSUM (2016)

          Possum came into effect since September 2016. Here the idea was to take the physical location of the searcher into account and provide results relevant to that location. In simple words, if a searcher types “carpenter” in the search box, then he is most likely to get results of carpenters who are near his physical location. This update made things easier for the Internet users and saved time.

          FRED (2017)

          On 8th March 2017, Google confirmed the Fred update. Although this update was confirmed, Google did not reveal any parameters, and only stated that Fred penalizes websites that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines. However, there is a pattern seen in the affected sites. All affected sites are mostly content based sites or blogs that contain low-quality content created for the purpose of generating ad revenue.

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            accelerated mobile pages

            What Is AMP and How It Benefit Your Site

            By | AMP, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimizaion

            AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open-source project tailored to aid web publishers in the construction of mobile-optimized content that loads rapidly across all devices. With AMP, Google wants the same code to run on various devices or platforms and make the content appear instantaneously.

            The median time for AMP-coded content is 0.7 seconds, whereas for non-AMP pages it is 22 seconds. We all know; nobody likes to wait to fetch information from the Internet. To ensure optimal user-experience for a web surfer, it is important to make the pages quicker. AMP ensures exactly that.

            How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Can Benefit Your Site

            According to a survey, approximately half of the Internet users expect a page to load within 2 seconds, and they tend to hit the back button from the site which takes more than 3 seconds to load. All though AMP fixes this problem, it is not limited to it. There are various other benefits that an AMP can bring to your site. Below are the most important ones.

            1. Lightning Speed

            That’s obvious, isn’t it? The purpose of AMP is to make a web page load quickly, and it serves that purpose very well by loading a page 15%-85% quicker than the normal ones. The speed of a website is an important factor for user-experience. Pages that load quickly provides a great user-friendly experience to visitors and makes them to stick to your website for a longer period.

            2. Better Mobile Ranking

            Currently, AMP is not an independent ranking factor, but still it can help you to improve your search engine ranking indirectly. AMP enhances mobile friendliness and page load speed times. These two factors have been the important ranking signal, which helps you to elevate your mobile ranking. Higher ranking in mobile search results brings more traffic to your website, and also builds credibility to attract new visitors.

            3. Amplified Attention

            Google is displaying Lightning Bolt symbol for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Users tend to love pages that load quickly. By displaying a small Lightning Bolt symbol in search results, Google is helping web surfers to identify pages that load quickly. Consequently, an Internet user will know the pages that load quickly, in the results page itself. As users tend to prefer quicker pages, click through rate of your website will automatically improve.

            4. Depreciated Bounce Rate

            Bounce Rate can be defined as the percentage of visitors who exit a given website after viewing only one page. Slow page loading time has been the major reason for higher Bounce Rate. With improved page loading time, your visitors will have no reason to abandon your website, on contrary they tend to stick to your website for a longer period of time. Due to this fact, bounce rate of your site reduces drastically.

            5. Offers Crucial Analytics

            Website visitor data play a significant role in the search engine optimization, as it exhibits visitors’ behaviour. AMP takes this fact into account and makes things easy for you. There are two tags available for the publishers to track visitor data:
            ● Visitor Counts
            ● New/returning Visitors
            ● Clicks
            ● Link Tracking, etc.

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              SSL Certificate

              What Is An SSL Certificate and Why It Is Important For Your Website?

              By | Digital Marketing, SSL, Web Security

              What is an SSL certificate?

              SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is created for the purpose of establishing secure connection between a website and a browser. This is done by encrypting the data in the transit, and making it impossible to read. SSL certificates are usually installed on the pages that require to secure sensitive information such as personal information, credit card details or passwords.

              Websites that are secured by an SSL certificate have HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) in their URL. The website in which you are reading this article, has HTTPS in the URL, indicating that it is secured. You can click on the lock symbol on the browser bar, and view corporate name of website owner & issuing authority.

              Why SSL Certificates Are Important For Your Website?

              As discussed earlier, SSL certificates ensure a secure connection between a website and a browser, but it also has other various importance. Below are the importance of SSL certificates for a website.

              Secures Sensitive Data

              Well, that’s obvious because SSL was created for this reason. The information submitted on a website goes through more than one computer before reaching the last destination. In this journey, any third-party can obtain the access to the data. An SSL certificate, encrypt the data and scramble it. Even though, if someone gets the access to the data, he will not be able to read it. This is because encrypted data can be read only with the help of encryption key.

              Elevates Customer Confidence

              According to a survey, 48% of online shoppers do not trust a website without valid trust seal. In today’s world, security is the biggest concern for everyone, including your website visitors. If you don’t offer proper security, then visitors hesitate to make a move. Advantage of having an SSL certificate is the sign that you can display on your site. This sign acts like a visible security signal and improves the customer’s trust on you.

              Necessary For Receiving Payments

              An SSL certificate meets Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. It securely processes credit card payments with proper encryption by inserting an industry standard 180 bits of encryption. In simple words, if you don’t have an SSL certificate, then you can’t process credit cards. Due to this reason, SSL certificates are popular in E-commerce websites.

              Alerts For Non-Secure Websites

              Since last year, Google Chrome is providing security alerts for users if no SSL certificate is found on the page, which asks sensitive information. This alerts discourage users to continue browsing on your website. World’s most-used browser giving security alerts for your website can drastically shrink your online presence.

               Improves Your SEO Efforts

              SSL certificates are not only important for security, but they are also vital for search engine optimization. Google gives preference to HTTPS websites over HTTP websites, as they are trusted and certified. Since Google is the most popular search engine, it is important to stay on its good side. Moreover, having SSL certificate can help you achieve a minor boost in search engine ranking.

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                SEO Update

                How To Avoid Google Penalties

                By | Digital Marketing, Google, Local SEO, Search Engine Optimizaion

                People usually use tricks available on the Internet to cheat Google and achieve higher search engine ranking. Google is continuously updating its algorithm to catch websites that use these tricks and penalize them. Google is the most widely used search engine. Getting a penalty from Google can harm your online presence adversely. Here are some tips to avoid Google Penalty.

                Don’t Trade Links

                We all know links are the key factor for search engine ranking. Many people try to find a quicker method to get them. That is why they either buy, sell or exchange links. Natural link building takes time, and Google knows it. Buying links will fetch you high quantity of low quality links within short time, which usually result in penalty. Focus on natural link building methods and follow Google guidelines.

                Maintain Healthy Keyword Density

                Avoid Keyword Stuffing, as it can be hazardous. Keyword Stuffing can be defined as the process of overloading a web page with the keywords to manipulate a website’s ranking. Google penalizes websites for keyword stuffing. To avoid penalty, add an optimum number of keywords in the suitable places without spoiling readability. Make sure that keywords look natural and mingle with the content.

                Generate Genuine Content

                Do not copy the content from other pages. Google can discover duplicated content almost instantly and harm your rank in search engine results page. Content is the soul of a website. A unique content makes your website unique. Concentrate on creating genuine and high-quality content that interests your niche and creates more user engagement.

                Inspect Backlinks Regularly

                It is a good practice to check backlinks regularly and ensure that you are not receiving bad links from spammy website. Sometimes your competitors can send bad backlinks to your site to harm your online presence. Use Google Search Console to check backlinks. If you find spammy links, then use disavow tool. With the help of this tool, you can tell Google not to count spammy links as links to your site.

                Avoid Hidden Texts

                Hidden text is also known as invisible text since it is invisible to human eyes. These texts are made invisible by choosing same color for both text as well as background. Hidden texts are used to load keywords and manipulate search engine ranking. It may be invisible for humans, but not for Google. Hidden text can trigger a penalty, and you may lose your hard-earned visibility.

                Be Cautious With Guest Blogging

                The biggest myth about guest blogging is that it is dead. The fact is that guest blogging is still practiced. Matt Cutts has announced that Guest Blogging can negatively affect your website. This is because, sometimes the incoming links from guest blogging are irrelevant and not helpful for readers. To avoid the Google penalty, ensure your content is totally relevant to the blog you are posting on.

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                  Google Analytics

                  Optimize Your Website For SEO Using Google Analytics

                  By | Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimizaion

                  Google analytics is a completely free tool. It can be used in multiple ways to get insights on a website’s performance and visitors’ behaviour. Knowing and understanding the data provided by Google analytics on various aspects of your website, can help you in making better decisions for search engine optimization. Here are the uses of Google analytics.

                  Discover How Visitors Reach Your Website

                  Analyzing the source of traffic is important. It shows how your search engine optimization strategy is performing. Google analytics provides the insights on how visitors are being driven to your website. If you are running an SEO campaign, then you should expect more traffic from organic search. Below are the sources of traffic:
                  ● Organic search
                  Paid search
                  ● Direct
                  ● Email
                  ● Referral
                  ● Social
                  ● Display
                  ● Others

                  Analyze The Keywords Used To Reach Your Website

                  In search engine optimization, it is extremely important to know what keywords your visitors are using to reach you. With the help of Google Analytics, it is possible to know which word or set of words used in searches have resulted in most traffic. This information can be used to optimize the content on your website, to rank better.

                  Page Popularity & Bounce Rate

                  Google Analytics gives the information on average time spent on your web pages and bounce rates. From this, you can discover which pages are popular, and which pages need to be modified. Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who exit your site after visiting only one page. Below are the common reasons that lead to high Bounce Rate.
                  ● Slow loading
                  ● Confusing or unclear navigation
                  ● Low quality content
                  ● Content Mismatch

                  Visitors Details and Behaviour

                  Knowing who your visitors are and how they behave on your website is a key factor. With the help of Google Analytics, you can know important information of your visitors such as:
                  ● Geographic location
                  ● Age
                  ● Gender
                  ● Type of visitors: New or returning visitor
                  ● Device used: Mobile, Desktop or tablet
                  This data can help you to evolve your website and your marketing strategies to adapt your visitors.

                  Traffic Flow

                  Traffic flow is nothing but the journey of your visitors on your website. For example, if you have a jokes’ website, then Google Analytics will let you know how many people were driven to your homepage, from there how many left (Bounce Rate) and how many navigated to WhatsApp jokes’ page, from there how many went to “about us” and so on. This information can help you to maximize visitor retention and generate leads.

                  Identify Slow Loading Page Times

                  Google Analytics lets you know the time taken by your web pages to load. Slow loading pages can spoil the user experience and result in higher bounce rate. Optimizing a page to load faster is important for search engine ranking, and hence it has become a vital part of search engine optimization.

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