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What Is An SSL Certificate and Why It Is Important For Your Website?

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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is created for the purpose of establishing secure connection between a website and a browser. This is done by encrypting the data in the transit, and making it impossible to read. SSL certificates are usually installed on the pages that require to secure sensitive information such as personal information, credit card details or passwords.

Websites that are secured by an SSL certificate have HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) in their URL. The website in which you are reading this article, has HTTPS in the URL, indicating that it is secured. You can click on the lock symbol on the browser bar, and view corporate name of website owner & issuing authority.

Why SSL Certificates Are Important For Your Website?

As discussed earlier, SSL certificates ensure a secure connection between a website and a browser, but it also has other various importance. Below are the importance of SSL certificates for a website.

Secures Sensitive Data

Well, that’s obvious because SSL was created for this reason. The information submitted on a website goes through more than one computer before reaching the last destination. In this journey, any third-party can obtain the access to the data. An SSL certificate, encrypt the data and scramble it. Even though, if someone gets the access to the data, he will not be able to read it. This is because encrypted data can be read only with the help of encryption key.

Elevates Customer Confidence

According to a survey, 48% of online shoppers do not trust a website without valid trust seal. In today’s world, security is the biggest concern for everyone, including your website visitors. If you don’t offer proper security, then visitors hesitate to make a move. Advantage of having an SSL certificate is the sign that you can display on your site. This sign acts like a visible security signal and improves the customer’s trust on you.

Necessary For Receiving Payments

An SSL certificate meets Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. It securely processes credit card payments with proper encryption by inserting an industry standard 180 bits of encryption. In simple words, if you don’t have an SSL certificate, then you can’t process credit cards. Due to this reason, SSL certificates are popular in E-commerce websites.

Alerts For Non-Secure Websites

Since last year, Google Chrome is providing security alerts for users if no SSL certificate is found on the page, which asks sensitive information. This alerts discourage users to continue browsing on your website. World’s most-used browser giving security alerts for your website can drastically shrink your online presence.

 Improves Your SEO Efforts

SSL certificates are not only important for security, but they are also vital for search engine optimization. Google gives preference to HTTPS websites over HTTP websites, as they are trusted and certified. Since Google is the most popular search engine, it is important to stay on its good side. Moreover, having SSL certificate can help you achieve a minor boost in search engine ranking.

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    Internet Safety

    Tips to Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

    By | Web Security

    The world has significantly changed in the past few decades. The Internet is rapidly spreading all over the planet. As of 2017, 51% of world population is online. Electronic media such as mobile and computer are becoming more user-friendly. Due to this, Internet has a great exposure to all age groups. A study reveals children start using the Internet from the age of three.

    The Internet is like a rose, which comes with sharp thrones. Cyberbullying, pornography, Identity theft, sexual predators, suicide games and violence in the Internet can harm your child in various ways – Psychologically, Physically, Academically, Socially. Here are the few things which you can do to ensure the safety of your child.

    1. Use Parental Controls

     Parental Controls have evolved with time. Modern Parental Controls come with four major features:

    • Content filter
    • Usage control
    • Computer usage management tool
    • Monitoring

    Basically, these are the four important things you need to keep your kids safe online. No Parental Control is absolute, that makes it a necessary but not sufficient tool. That’s why you need to adopt few other practices.

    2. Placing Computer At The Right Place

     Location of the computer is important. Keep the computer in such a place where it can be monitored easily when being used. It is advised to choose a central spot. Restrict the use of electronic devices such as laptops and tablets in bedrooms.

    3.  Feed The Necessary Information

     It is understandable that you can’t sit next to your child all the time. Try to spend some time when your kid is browsing. Make them aware of few important things such as:

    • Blocking features
    • Reporting functions
    • Keeping information private
    • Visibility of shared texts, pictures and videos
    • Usage of screenshots to share a conversation

    4.  Make Usage Timings

     Making a fixed timing to use the Internet has many benefits. It helps your kid to focus on other aspects of life such as academics, social relations, outdoor games, etc. In the long run; it brings over-all development in the child. Moreover, with fixed online time, kids are less likely to have an online addiction.

    5.  Monitor Browsing History

    Monitoring browsing history does not mean you have trust issues with your kids. With browsing history, you can know what your kids are interested in. With that, you can know what difficulties and problems they may face and plan ahead. It also helps to understand your kids and connect with them.

    6. Be Friendly

     You might be thinking how being friendly is related to keeping kids safe online. Well, it is the most important factor. Only if you are friendly and have acceptance, your kids will bring their problems or weird experiences on the Internet to your attention. Children usually keep things to themselves when the parents are strict. Always remember, damage is minimum when known early.


    After knowing the negative impacts of the Internet on children, you might think of blanket ban on all devices. It is not a smart thing to do. Children usually learn how to use a computer in school and are exposed to various devices at their friend’s house. A blanket ban, will increase curiosity, and they might find another source to use them. It may end up causing more harm.

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