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    Want To Remove Google Reviews?

    If yes, then FirstRank’s Google reviews removal service can help you. Getting bad Google reviews can drastically affect your online business. Moreover, coping with the impact of negative reviews is not easy. Our Google reviews removal service can successfully remove Google reviews and provide a clean Google My Business listing necessary to rebuild a strong online reputation.

    How Negative Google Reviews Can Affect Your Business

    Google reviews are considered to be trustworthy, since they are posted by former customers. Your potential customers do a research to know what your former customers have to say about you. Hence, a couple of negative Google reviews are enough to put off a significant number of customers. As a result of which, affected business owners desperately search for the methods to remove Google reviews. Below are the impacts of negative Google reviews on your business.

    Diminishes Trust

    Trust is one of the core pillars for any business. It takes years to earn the trust of people and build brand loyalty. Fake Google reviews posted by your ex-employees or competitors can harm your hard-earned credibility. Ignoring these fake Google reviews can land your business in deep trouble. Taking help of fake review removal services early can minimize the damage and help you in rebuilding reputation. With elevated trust, your business is most likely to progress, and achieve new landmarks.

    Depletes Website Traffic

    It is a common practice to Google a business name to do a brief online research. When people search for your business name, Google presents your Google My Business account with reviews. Well, that’s the first interaction. Having a significant number of bad Google reviews is a costly affair. A probable customer hesitates to make the next move, and you start losing your customer in the first interaction itself. As the result of which, traffic to your website reduces. Reduced web traffic is one of the key signs that you need Google reviews removal service.

    Makes It Tough To Gain New Customers

    It is not rare to see a customer doing an online research before spending money for a product or a service. Here are some eye-opening surveys, which reveal the loss of percentage of potential customers with respect to number of negative Google reviews.
    ● A single negative Google review is enough to drive away 22% of potential customers.
    ● Three bad Google reviews can repel as much as 59% of potential customers.
    ● Four negative Google reviews can make 70% of your potential customers to choose somebody else.
    This is the reason why most of the people wish to delete a Google review from Google My Business.

    Influences Buying Decision

    The ultimate goal of any business is to sell products and services to customers, and earn the profit. Having a notable number of bad Google reviews creates a hesitation among the customer and negatively influences their buying decision. In other words, negative Google reviews redirect your potential customers to your competitors. It is never too late; negative Google reviews removal services can fix your online reputation and bring your business back on track.

    Why Do You need FirstRank’s Google Review Removal Solution?

    Online Reputation Management (ORM) has become a basic necessity for large, medium as well as small businesses. Fixing bad Google reviews is a most important and integral part of Online Reputation Management. Our Google Review Removal Solution is not limited to saving your business from the impact of bad Google reviews. Below are the reason why you need a Google review Removal Solution.

    Clean Google My Business Listing

    There are several sources of negative Google reviews. Below we are listing the main sources:
    ● Hard to please customers
    ● Business mistakes
    ● Angry Ex-employees
    ● Competitors
    ● Bad customer service

    Due to these sources, your Google My Business listing may get flooded by negative Google reviews. You may fix the source, but the review which you already got sticks your listing. What we do is, we remove Google reviews and provide a clean listing to you.

    Retain Your Brand Name

    Your brand name is the most important aspect of your business. It takes years of hard work for building Brand Loyalty and Brand Awareness. To get rid of negative Google reviews, many people delete their listing and make a new listing with a new brand name. Changing brand name makes you to go through all the struggle once again from the beginning. Building Brand Loyalty and Brand Awareness is not an easy task. It takes years. FirstRank’s Google review removal solution can easily remove Google reviews without changing your brand name.

    Easy Online Reputation Management

    A Google review is something that is meant to be a part of your business forever. Diluting the impact of negative reviews with a lot of positive reviews may sound good. But it usually works only if the negative reviews are very less in number. If you have significant number of negative reviews then dilution doesn’t work. With our successful Google reviews removal solution, we remove Google reviews with 100% guarantee and provide you a clean Google My Business listing. A clean GMB listing makes it further easy to build a great online reputation.

    Tackle Fake Reviews Easily

    Google provides an option to flag fake reviews in order to remove them. This works only when the content of the review violates The Terms Of Service. Fake reviews are usually planned and planted by envious competitors and furious ex-employees. In such cases, it is very difficult to gain success by flagging the reviews. Our fake Google review removal services remove fake Google reviews in a short period, and protect your online reputation from the consequences of bad Google reviews.

    Exhibit Your Best Side

    Making your best side more visible to your customers is the ultimate goal of Online Reputation Management. After getting the successful results from our Google negative review removal service, you can build a strong online reputation, and exhibit it to your potential customers. Whenever a business not associated with any negative reviews is displayed on search engine results page, it gets more clicks. Higher Click Through Rate (CTR) serves your primary goal of doing more sales.

    Post Google Review Removal Best practices

    The most important thing to do after the removal of negative Google reviews is to make sure that they don’t come back. Recurrence of bad Google reviews will make you go through all the struggle once again. We help our clients to avoid negative reviews by suggesting two steps. First, we advise our clients to fix the cause that brought them plenty of negative reviews. Second, we make them aware of best practices that are relevant to their industry. Below are the basic best practices one needs to follow to avoid bad Google reviews in the future.

    Make Complaining Smooth and Effortless

    Not adding a complaint section on a website, is one of the most common mistakes that businesses do. Due to this, a customer’s issues remain unattended. These unresolved issues appear on your Google My Business listing in the form of negative review. Adding a separate and easily visible complaint section in your website brings two benefits. One, it shows that you care your customers. Two, hearing & solving customers’ problems will significantly reduce the probability of getting bad Google review. As a result of which, you will have no necessity to search for “how to remove negative Google reviews.”

    Have a Remarkable Customer Service

    Have you ever asked yourself- What purpose does a customer service serve? Today, responsibility of a customer service is not limited to solving customer issues. Over the years, the qualities of a good customer service have been increased. Below are the three main qualities.
    ● Hearing Customers
    ● Clear Actions & Directions
    ● Delivering Quick Results
    Imagine, a customer reaches your customer service and gets an unpleasant response. What will he do? He will express his grievance on Facebook, Twitter. He might also leave a bad review on your GMB listing. This will spoil your online reputation, and you may need negative Google reviews removal service once again. Therefore, making the customer happy should be your primary goal.

    Take Feedback

    Taking feedback from your customers is like fulfilling 3 needs with one deed. Here are the three benefits of taking feedback right after the sales:
    ● A feedback brings positives and negatives of your business to your notice. So, you can improve your business based on the feedback.
    ● If a customer has any issue, then you can solve that quickly, and avoid a negative Google review. After resolving the problem, a customer is more likely to leave a positive review about you.
    ● If the customer is satisfied, then he is more likely to post a good review on your Google My Business listing.

    With proper feedbacks, you will have a minimum number of negative reviews. Why do you need to remove Google reviews, if you don’t have any negative reviews?

    Deliver Up To Expectation

    Matching up to the customer expectations is the best practice in Online Reputation Management (OMR) also. One of the most common reasons to get negative reviews is the mismatch between the expectation of a customer and the quality of products or services delivered. When your product or service does not live up to the expectation of the consumers, they become dissatisfied and tend to post a bad Google review. To avoid this, never create an overhype about your products and services, as it does more harm than good. Be natural and market your products or services with honesty.

    How To Fix Bad Google Reviews?

    One of the most important jobs after the removal of negative Google reviews is to manage new bad reviews. Adapting best practices to avoid bad reviews will minimize the number of negative Google reviews to a large extent. But still you can get negative Google reviews. It is important to manage these bad reviews to minimize the damage. Without the proper management of Google negative reviews, things may go worse, and couple of bad Google reviews may attract plenty of them. Here are some important tips to fix negative Google reviews.

    Keep Calm

    Getting the negative reviews is not rare. Everybody gets them. What really matters is how you respond and manage bad Google reviews. Getting nervous and taking wrong steps can maximize the damage. So, keep calm and deal the situation smartly and professionally.

    Respond To All Types Of Reviews

    It is very common to get a variety of reviews such as positive, negative, abusive and humorous, etc. Try to respond to all the comments appropriately. Responding to the reviews will showcase three things:
    ● You care your customers
    ● Your side of the story
    ● You are active and up-to-date
    Not responding to the reviews, shows that you are not professional, and don’t care customer issues. Due to this, your online reputation gets damaged, and you may need Google reviews removal service.

    Don’t Be Defensive

    Beginners usually tend to be defensive and counter negative Google reviews. Let us get this straight, being defensive never works. Openly apologize for any mistakes or inconvenience caused. It will reflect professionalism, and shows that your customers matter to you.

    Remove Fake Google Reviews

    Keep checking Google reviews regularly. Flag reviews that violate Google’s content review policy and get them removed. Removing fake reviews is really important, as they are usually posted by competitors. Ignoring reviews can lead to accumulation of fake reviews, and spoil your online reputation management efforts.

    Dilute The Negative Google Reviews

    If you have more than twenty positive Google reviews, then two negative reviews will not harm much. That’s how it works, gaining more and more positive Google reviews will dilute the impact of negative reviews on your online reputation. To achieve that, encourage your happy customers to leave a review on your Google My Business listing.

    Research Regularly

    Not doing proper research is one of the most common mistakes that business owners commit, and reach us for seeking our Google reviews removal solution. Find out the cause behind the negative reviews instead of finding techniques to delete Google reviews. If you diagnose the cause, then you can simply avoid plenty of negative Google reviews.

    Never Repeat The Response

    Most of the business owner don’t have time for responding online Google reviews. So, they usually use some standard templates or text to respond to the customers. As a result of which you will generate repeated response and lose credibility.

    Take It Offline

    Yes, responding to reviews is important, but it doesn’t mean you should open up all the details in front of everyone. Just respond with a short, clear & simple text, and try to move the conversation offline. Taking the issues offline will keep the review section organised and reflect professionalism.