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What Are Keyword Match Types & When To Use Them?

By | Keyword Research, Paid Search, PPC

Keyword match types are nothing but the parameters that you can set on your keywords to control which queries trigger your ads to pop up. Without the proper understanding of keyword match one cannot run a successful AdWords campaign. It is the most basic knowledge one should have to run an AdWords campaign. Today, therefore, we are discussing about keyword match types and when to use them.


Broad keyword match type is your default match type. As the name indicates, you can reach the widest audience. When you go for the broad match, your ads appear wherever users search for any word in your key phrase, in any order. This Keyword match type allows misspellings and synonyms to trigger your ads. For example, if you use the broad match on keyword “kids umbrella,” your ad might appear when user search for “kids cycle,” “pink umbrella,” etc. Broad match type must be carefully used. It usually attracts clicks from irrelevant traffic and exhausts your budget quickly. Use this keyword match type when you are unsure what words your audience uses to reach you. Later on, you can review keyword data and fine-tune your key phrases or shift to below keyword match types.


As the name indicates broad match modifier is similar to broad match, but it has one extra feature. Here you can emphasize specific keywords by adding “+” sign. Google will display your ad only when that specific term is included in the search query. Let’s take a quick example. If you use broad match modifier on keyword “+kids umbrella,” then Google will display your ads for “kids umbrella,” “cheap kids umbrella,” etc. But Google will not display your ad when user search for “Men’s umbrella.”


This is one of the most liked keyword match types among advertisers. In this case, your ad is shown only when a user searches for the exact keyword phrase, in the exact order. Let’s take an example. If you use the keyword “kids umbrella” in the phrase match, then your ad will be displayed when users search for “foldable kids umbrella,” “kids umbrella price,” etc., but not “kids pink umbrella” or “kids branded umbrella.” Use phrase match if you want more control over your pay per click campaign. Since irrelevant searches are eliminated in this keyword match type, it attracts more relevant traffic and improves the conversion rate.


Unlike phrase match, exact match type displays your ads only when users search for the exact key phrase. Here in this case, no extra words are included before, after or in between the key phrase. Since this type of match misses out huge opportunities, Google included close variations. Which means, small variants to search queries may trigger your ad. Use this type of keyword match when search behaviour of audience and keyword used by audience are known. Exact keyword match brings less traffic compared to other matches, but the traffic which is obtained is highly relevant.

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    Google Adwords

    How To Run Google Adwords Effectively

    By | Digital Marketing, Google, PPC

    When it comes to online marketing tool, Google AdWords is the king. It allows you to choose when and where to place your advertisements, making it easy to target the audience. As the result of which, you get quality customers in a short period. Below are the few things to keep in mind for running Google AdWords effectively.

    1. Do Proper Research

     Just before going for any marketing strategy, it is advised to do a thorough research. Same thing applies to Google AdWords campaign.

    • Know the purpose of AdWords. Beginners usual take it as a brand awareness tool, which is wrong. AdWords is actually used to increase sales.
    • Analyze whether you can recover the money spent and gain profit.
    • Pick the right keywords, which have high search volumes. Take your time, it is the most important factor.

    2. Making It Effective

    With Google AdWords, you need to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Therefore, keep two things in mind while writing for your ad.

    1. Your ad should pull relevant traffic.
    2. It should keep irrelevant traffic away.

     3. Add Keywords In Your Copy

     Including keywords in your copy is a good practice. Searchers tend to click ads containing keywords which they are searching for. Just adding keywords in your copy is not enough. Make sure your copy sounds good and catch attention.

     4. Make Many Versions Of Your Ad Copy

    Google allows you to run many versions of your ad copy. It is a good practice to run nearly seven to eight ad copies simultaneously. Based on click through rate, Google will increase or decrease the visibility of a particular version. Delete the versions performing least. Never settle down for one version, keep adding new versions of your copy to beat the current one.

    5. Geo-target your ads

     Geo targeting ads is the best feature which Google AdWords provides. With Geo targeting, you can show your ads in only those regions where you do business and increase your sales. Showing ads in other than your region is irrelevant and waste of money.

    6. Have a Compelling USP

     Your campaign revolves around Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Having a strong USP is basic and gives benefits while running a campaign.

    • USP increases quality leads.
    • It also increases the conversion rate.
    • It prevents unwanted leads and saves money.
    • Having a powerful USP, distinguishes you from your competitors.

    7. Target Time

     Find out when your ideal customers are online. Show your ads only when your potential customers are online. This again makes your Google AdWords campaign cost-effective and save money. It is most helpful when you are in a b2b space. You can run your ads during daytime and skip at night.

    8. Keep an Eye On Competitors

     Try to know what your competitors are doing by keeping an eye on their ads. If your competitors are regularly using a specific ad text, it means it is performing good for them. This is how you know what is working out in the market. Taking reference of that copy, create better versions.

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