PPC Advertising Services London

Pay-Per-Click is the best Internet advertising model, where you have to pay only when a potential customer clicks on your ad. It is the easiest and most efficient method to drive huge instant targeted traffic to your website. With the control over budget and scheduling in PPC marketing, you can grow your business in a controlled and effective manner. That’s why, Pay Per Click has a great significance in digital marketing.

Just like everything else in this world, PPC marketing should also be done in a right way. That’s where we come into the picture. Few mistakes in PPC marketing can make you lose a lot of money and suffer heavy losses. Being experienced PPC agency in London, we accompany you from the beginning to the success of your PPC campaigns.

With so many PPC agencies in London, why to prefer FirstRank?

Pay Per Click is not as simple as it appears. The aim of  PPC marketing is not to get maximum clicks on your advertisement. Here, the main objective is to get maximum clicks from the relevant traffic. In simple words, we do two jobs simultaneously. That is we attract the relevant traffic, and keep the irrelevant traffic away. This is the deciding factor for your entire PPC marketing campaign.

At FirstRank, We do a detailed research on your website, your competitor’s website and on your market. Based on this research, we find your audience belonging to different age, gender, geographical locations, time zones, and target them. Our soul purpose of PPC marketing is to make you pay the lowest possible amount per click and help you achieve the maximum returns.

Have a look on how we carry out your PPC campaign.

At FirstRank, we leave no loose ends. Right from the first meet with our clients to reporting, we work on every single bit of detail and ensure your campaign is on right track. Know how the journey of PPC campaign begins with us and turns successful.

  • IN-DEPTH KEYWORD RESEARCH: Your entire PPC campaign begins with keywords and revolves around it. Our expert team does a comprehensive keyword research and picks up accurate keywords, so that, your advertisement is shown to the right people.
  • AD CREATION: FirstRank has mastered the art of ad creation. We create advertisements, which interest and catch the attention of relevant traffic only and repel irrelevant traffic. Due to this, your PPC campaign becomes highly cost effective.
  • LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZATION: Landing page holds a great significance in any campaign. Your ad directs a potential customer to landing page. Optimizing landing page help to turn a visitor into customer. From adding a clear call to action button to appealing taglines, we make everything fall in place.
  • PRECISE TARGETING: We target your audience precisely based on geographical locations and time. So that people living outside your business circle don’t click on your ads and use up your daily budget. We ensure that your ads are displayed in correct geographical location and time.
  • REMARKETING: Remarketing campaign is a smart way to display ads to those people who previously visited your website. With the help of efficient remarketing we increase leads and boost your sales.
  • DETAILED REPORTING: PPC service providers such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads have data tracking tools. We go through the data and explain the performance of the PPC campaigns to clients, and also analyze it to work for making another landmark in your industry.

We are FirstRank, a London based PPC agency, which is known for running successful PPC campaigns. Let’s write one more success story, contact us.