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By October 5, 2017 November 16th, 2018 Facebook, Social Media Marketing
Facebook Marketing

There are more than 50 million business pages on Facebook. Everyone is trying to reach more people and seek attention. As the result of which, there is a stiff competition over Facebook. That’s exactly why you need to optimize your Facebook page to standout. Here are the essential methods to optimize your Facebook page.

1. It’s all in the name

Choosing the right name for your Facebook page really matters. Google gives more significance to the first word of your Facebook page title. That’s why adding funky words to your title is a bad idea. A good Facebook page title is brandable and always reflects the business you do. After all, a name is the first thing which visitors notice.

2. Customize your Facebook URL

Facebook provides a feature to customize your vanity URL. With the help of this feature, you can match your URL to your brand name. This will help new visitors to remember your brand name and thus makes it easy to find your page through Facebook or a search engine.

3. Do the right detailing

Make sure that you don’t leave any field empty. A fully filled profile without any grammatical mistakes reflects professionalism and adds credibility. In the section –About us, add correct and up-to-date information. Because a potential customer trying to contact you should have no difficulties.

4. Add Facebook tabs

A Facebook page has three default tabs that are About usEvents and Photos. Other than that Facebook allows you to create your own tabs. More tabs mean more freedom to express. Create new suitable tabs, which are related to your business. For example, discounts, upcoming offers, etc.

5. Check page insights regularly

Knowing data from the past always helps us to plan future. Page insights give data on how your page and posts are performing. Keeping an eye on insights reveals who your visitors are and what are they engaging with. Thus, it lets you know whether you are targeting right audience or not.

6. Pin the best quality posts

Well, first impression is the best impression. Whenever you pin a post, it stays at the top of your page giving visitors greater visibility. Pinning your best posts give your new visitors a great and long-lasting impression.

7. Make use of call to action button

A call to action button is something, which can convert a visitor into a customer. With call to action button, your customer is just one click away from reaching you. Add appropriate CTA buttons in your page. Few examples of CTA buttons are contact us, sign up, book an appointment, visit us, etc.

8. Hire a professional for photos and graphics

Posts containing images get more attraction as well as interaction. A picture speaks, whether it is a profile picture, cover photo or an individual post. It’s worth the money and reflects professional aspects of your page.

9. Link back to your page

Add a link of your Facebook page in your blogs and in suitable places of your business website. It makes your visitors aware of your page and as well as helps your page to attain higher search engine ranking.

10. Keep updating

Update your audience regularly with your posts. Don’t try to sell something all the time. Try to engage your audience. Ask questions, wish on festivals, go live or share some interesting facts related to your business. It will establish a good relationship, which is the base to do any business.


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