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YouTube Channel Optimization

How to Optimize your YouTube Channel to Go Viral

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No wonder that Video Marketing is one the hottest trend in Digital Marketing Era, according to Socialbakers nine out ten people check out a video review before purchasing a product online.

No one can beat the world’s second largest Search Engine Youtube out of a variety of video rolling features included social profiles like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat etc.

Essential Factors to Analyze while Optimizing your Youtube Channel

To capture a breakthrough along the Youtube Channel, you need to focus on two mandatory factors namely.

  • Youtube SEO
  • Engaging Content

A few days back Youtube made few guidelines for monetizing videos in the Youtube Channel that Within 12 months of creating a Youtube Channel you need to gain at least 1000 subscribers within 4000 hours once you upload the video to your channel. If you gain these followers then only you will be able to place ads.

So what are they expecting? Yeah, undoubtedly an engaging content. Now let’s check out the important characteristics you need to consider while optimizing your Youtube Channel.

Focus on your Niche

Niche indicates the area that you are going to focus; there are a number of categories and sub-categories available namely Music, Entertainment, Information etc

You should know what type of people you are going to concentrate on and how to make them your loyal followers, this may be tedious, but the right approach will help you in finding the right niche.


There are many right viewers online, and you just need to find out them from a large group and provide the things they need to get popularized. When segmenting the audience, you need to know the age group of people whom you need, the targeted location, the language preference, the genre based on the targeted viewers taste.

The above four factors will help in choosing the right niche, by doing so you can create excellent videos as per the niche you have selected. If you have selected an entertainment niche, then make sure you are creating videos in a way that people love them and get entertained.

Trend Analyzing

Focus on the trend that will bring the audience to your Youtube channels. How can you know the trends in your niche? It can be done.

  • By following your competitor channels, means the channels that create videos in the similar niche you have chosen.
  • Making use of the Google Trend Tool from Google, which will let you know about the current Youtube Trends.
  • By following similar social media trends so that you can choose the one base don your niche.

There are two factors when optimizing your Youtube Channels, and the first one is for views and the second one for rankings.

Youtube Optimization for Views

  • Focus on the Title, make it exciting and meaningful so that your targetted audience will click.
  • Make use of impressive Thumbnails
  • Ensure whether you are requesting people to like, share, subscribe and comment at the video end.

Youtube Optimization for Ranking

  • Make long videos as they can bring you better rankings when considered to the shorter ones.
  • HD quality videos are essential for top rankings.
  • Choosing the right keywords in the title, you can select the keywords you need to target from various keywords tools online.
  • Writing good quality, expressive and engaging descriptions, you need not require keywords to be added in the description because they are not going to help your youtube channel in ranking.
  • Add your business social profile links or the external links in the description for the better leads.
  • Do not forget to add suitable tags as Youtube will list out videos from similar queries, pick them from competitors or choose them by your imagination.

The critical point is to add videos at regular intervals, at the initial stage you need to post videos at the right timings your targeted audience are active to increase your subscribers.

Making this as a habit will enhance the connection between you and your viewers, Many Youtube channels make this prospect for better conversion.

  • Be creative, make a new style and ask viewers to subscribe.
  • Make sure you have active social media pages to promote your Youtube Videos, this increases the interaction with your audiences.
  • Shoot out the questions on your social media pages regarding how to improve your Youtube Channels or ask for any suggestions from your viewers.
Blog Posts Optimization

7 Tips To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO

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A blog plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If done correctly, blogging can help you to boost your search engine ranking and bring more relevant traffic leading to sales. Therefore, in this blog post, we are going to present seven important tips to optimize your blog posts.

Do Keyword Research

Writing high-quality genuine content is not sufficient. In order to reach maximum people, you need to incorporate right keywords into your blog post. Today, we have various tools available on the Internet to find relevant keywords for your blog post or niche. Here are the popular ones:
● Google AdWords Keyword Tool
● Semrush Tool

Use Keywords In Your Blog Posts

Once you have discovered the keywords relevant to your niche of the blog post, you need to utilize them in your blog post without keyword stuffing. Try to add keywords in the below aspects of your blog post:
● Blog Title and Subheadings
● Introduction and Final Thoughts
● Anchor Text, Title tags, and Meta Descriptions

Optimize Images

Images can add more value to your readers. Using images in your blog posts can be helpful to you in multiple ways, but only if you optimize your images. Use keywords in the file name and description of the images. Make sure that your keywords appear naturally and don’t spoil readability.

Place Subscription Buttons

With time, your readers grow. Placing an RSS or feed button will be a great option for the readers who like to read your content regularly. Subscription button will save your viewers from checking your website regularly for the new updates. They will get instantly notified whenever you add a new blog post.

Promote On Social Media

You might already have your presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Promoting your blog posts on these channels can help you gain new viewers along with higher brand visibility and brand recognition.

Add Author Information

Adding author information has become popular these days for a reason. Google uses more than ten thousand quality raters solely to check quality. These quality raters look for two important things:
● Who owns the website
● Who created the content
Adding author information improves search engine optimization. In addition to that, it also legitimizes the content.

Never Compromise Quality

Optimizing your blog post for Google is something very fundamental. Implementation of the above-mentioned tips is a good thing but solely focusing and relying on search engine optimization is not a good idea. Along with SEO, you should focus on creating high-quality genuine content that adds value to your audience. After all, the quality of the content is the number-one ranking signal.

Features of Mobile Friendly Website

6 Reasons Why You Need A Mobile-Friendly Website

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Gone are the days when people had a desktop as the only option to access the Internet. Today things have changed; one can surf the Internet using various devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. And that is the reason why your website needs to provide good user experience across all the screen sizes. Here are the top six reasons why your website needs to be mobile friendly.

1. Mobile Friendliness Influences Search Ranking

Google has made two things clear from its mobile-friendly update. One, websites which are not mobile friendly are going to be penalized. Two, websites which are mobile friendly will be rewarded by improving its search engine ranking. Carryout mobile-friendly test to know whether your site is mobile friendly.

2. Dominance Of Mobile Traffic

Number of mobile Internet users has already surpassed the number desktop Internet users. This dominance of mobile traffic over desktop traffic makes Mobile SEO absolutely fundamental. Not having a mobile-friendly website usually leads to a poor user experience and causes a higher bounce rate. As a result, you will lose a majority of the potential customers.

3. User Behaviour

User behavior changes from device to device. Very fewer people know that mobile users tend to spend more money than computer users. That is exactly why providing poor mobile experience reduces the sales. Make sure that your website is properly optimized for mobile, and gain seamless sales.

4. Gain Local Customers

Local customers are more likely to make a purchase within 24 hours after the Google search. A mobile-friendly site can quickly convert these potential customers into customers. Here, proper display of a website is just only one feature. Mobile friendly websites have many other features that enhance the whole experience of a user. Below are the fundamental features of a mobile-friendly site:
● Loads quickly
● Have one-click call feature
● Maps and directions
● Make a reservation, etc.

5. Enhances Social Media Marketing

Studies reveal that approximately 90% of the Internet users use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. through their mobile. Hence, if you are running an SMM campaign, you should expect a huge mobile traffic to your website. If your website gives a poor mobile experience, you may not retain the traffic from social media. As the result of which, you will have limited conversions.

6. Desktop Users Are Also Mobile Users

You might already know that computer users, and mobile users overlap. In other words, the majority of the people use both mobile and desktop to access the Internet. A user may collect information about your product or service on a computer, and may decide to make a purchase using a mobile, or vice versa. Either way, it is going to affect the conversion rate. Making your website mobile friendly can fix this issue.

Experienced Digital Agencies

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Digital Marketing Partner

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Just having an online presence for your business is not enough. In order to reach more people, you need digital marketing services. A good digital marketing agency will help you to reach more potential customers and expands the customer base. But how to know whether a digital marketing agency is effective for your business or not? There are several factors to consider before choosing a digital marketing partner. In this blog post, we are listing top five factors.

Factor 1: Experience

Experience is one of the most important key factors. Experienced agencies usually reflect professionalism and deliver results quickly. Furthermore, they know how to handle difficulties, and fix both online and offline issues effectively. Therefore, before selecting a digital marketing agency, you need to make sure the agency has sufficient experience in your industry. Check when the agency was founded and calculate the number of years’ experience it has under its belt.

Factor 2: Quality Service

Most of the new business owners commit a common mistake by picking the least-expensive digital marketing company. Inexpensive digital marketing services are less likely to deliver the promised results. Therefore, give more importance to your business goals over the price offered. Get in contact with the ex-clients and current clients of the company and evaluate the services offered to judge the quality.

Factor 3: Core Strength

Every digital marketing firm has its own strength. Some are excellent at search engine optimization, and some are good at pay per click advertising. Always search for a company that has services you require as the core strength. For instance, if you need social media marketing services, then look for a digital marketing company, whose core strength is SMM.

Factor 4: Quality Content

Almost all the aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, SMM, PPC and Link building require quality content. Make sure the company which you are choosing as the digital marketing partner is qualified to create amazing content. Going through the case studies will reveal a lot about the content development capabilities of a firm. Here are the types of content a company should be able to create:
● Infographics
● Social media posts
● Articles
● Videos
● Pictures and many more

Factor 5: Credibility

Is the firm credible? This is one of the most important questions to ask before picking a digital marketing company. Digital marketing is a long journey, and that’s why you need to tie up with the one which is more credible. To find the credibility of a company, talk to the former clients and know their experiences. Reading online reviews is also an effective method to judge credibility.

Yoast SEO

The Top 10 benefits of Yoast SEO

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Yoast SEO is one the most-used plugin for search engine optimization (SEO). With more than 5 million downloads and a 4.7-star rating, Yoast SEO is one of the most loved and widely trusted SEO plugins across the WordPress community. If you are not using Yoast SEO yet, then you probably don’t know the benefits of using Yoast SEO. Therefore, in this blog post, we are going to list the top ten benefits of using Yoast SEO.

1. Improve Content SEO

Website content optimization has two fundamental purposes. First, to present content in a way such that search engine likes it. Second, to engage the audience in obtaining higher website traffic and business growth. Here are the ways in which Yoast SEO will help you in content optimization:
● Ensures proper internal linking in your blog post.
● Helps in the optimization of images.
● Advises you to add main keywords in the title, subheading, and URL.
● Maintains decent keyword density.
● Helps to maintain optimal title length.
● Inspects no follow and normal backlinks.
● Ensures that your post has more than three hundred words.
● Suggests you to add focus keywords in the first paragraph.

2. Enhance Readability

Just optimizing the content for the search engine is not enough. One has to pay equal attention to engaging visitors also. Here is how Yoast SEO helps you to optimize the content to improve readability.
● Limits passive voice usage to ten percent.
● Helps you to avoid word repetition.
● Provides readability scores.
● Discourages lengthy paragraphs.
● Ensures your paragraphs contain thirty percent transition words.

3. Web Page Preview

Want to know how your web page looks like on search engine results page? Yoast SEO plugin can help you. It shows how your search result looks when your customer searches for your products or services. Furthermore, this SEO plugin will notify if the length of your title or meta description is too short or too long so that you can edit it to ensure the search engine requirements are met. That’s how Yoast SEO plays an important role in improving organic click-through rates.

4. Generate XML Sitemaps Automatically

A sitemap is used to inform about the web pages that are ready for crawling. It is one of the basic needs of a website to ensure proper indexing. Here the beauty of this SEO plugin is that it creates XML sitemaps automatically and ensures smooth indexing. To make use of this feature you need to enable it. To generate your sitemap automatically, go to XML site functionality and click on “enabled.”

5. Effortless Social Media Sharing

Yoast SEO provides a wide range of features and benefits to cover a larger ground in search engine optimization. One of those features is, it provides an option to customize and share snippets on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This feature comes in handy in engaging social media audience. You might already know that people on social media have a very limited attention span. Therefore, Yoast SEO provides an option to add the different title, description, and images to attract your audience on social media for better SEO and SMM.

6. Hustle Free Import And Export Of Settings

Importing Settings: If you are currently using some other plugin and want to shift to Yoast SEO, then import and export features are a lifesaver for you. With Yoast plugin, you can easily import the settings from the previously used plugin. As the result, a lot of time and energy are saved.

Exporting Settings: If you have created a new blog, and want to make same SEO settings on your new online presence, then you don’t need to install and set up the Yoast plugin once again. Yoast SEO provides an option to export the settings from your current site and import it to the new blog.

7. Easy Website verification

Submitting your new website to popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex etc. is one of the best practices in search engine optimization. That’s exactly where Yoast SEO helps you. With Yoast SEO, you can effortlessly verify the ownership of your website. It provides a feature to add meta tags provided by various search engines to confirm the ownership of your online presence.

8. Mark cornerstone content

what is cornerstone content? Cornerstone content pieces are the best articles which reflect your business and mission. In other words, they are the articles which you want to rank higher in the search engine results page, and also want your website visitors to read them. Define cornerstone content for your website with Yoast SEO plugin. All you have to do is tick the checkbox which says, “This article is cornerstone content.” And everything else is taken care by the Yoast SEO plugin.

9. Detect Indexable Problems

Yoast SEO uses integration to detect indexable issues. This is a default feature of the Yoast plugin. When you install and configure Yoast plugin, it automatically checks if your site is indexable by Google, and notifies you on the dashboard, if any issues are found. If you encounter any indexable issues, fix them as soon as possible to avoid search engine traffic loss.

10. Configure Nofollow, Noindex, and Canonical URL

With Yoast SEO plugin you can easily configure Nofollow, Noindex, and Canonical URL. This is one of the technical benefits of using Yoast SEO for search engine optimization.

Nofollow: A Nofollow tag tells the search engine not to follow the links on a page. All the WordPress links are Dofollow by default. Using Yoast you can easily make your post links Nofollow.

Noindex: Noindex links are those web pages in your website that you don’t want Google to index. Yoast plugin gives you an option to convert specific pages in your website into No-index pages.

Canonical URL: A canonical URL is used to manage cross-domain duplicate content. With Yoast SEO, you can configure the canonical URL and prevent “duplicate content issues.”

Social Media Marketing Services

Six Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is one of the most favorite methods of digital marketing. It might look easy, but the fact is that there are many things to keep in mind while running a campaign. A successful social media marketing campaign has its own recipe. Adding right ingredients at right time and right place matter the most to make a social media campaign successful. Therefore, in this blog post, we are presenting six best practices to maximize your social media returns.

Respond Quickly

Gone are the days when people used to send mails and used to wait for the reply. If you are on social media, then people expect you to respond quickly. According to a study, 53 percent of people expect a brand to respond within an hour. That figure rises to 72 percent when they have grievances or complaints. Moreover, customers tend to engage and connect with the brands, which respond promptly.

Share The Conversation

If there is something that cannot be avoided, then it is unsatisfied customers. No matter what business you own, you will have unsatisfied customers. There is nothing you can do other than providing a good service and resolving the issue. Resolving problems makes an unsatisfied customer satisfied. Sharing those conversations makes you look like a mature and customer-oriented company.

Post Consistently At The Right Time

Posting on social media and praying for getting engagements is not going to work. Guess work is something which you shouldn’t do in social media marketing. Analyze the data and figure out the most suitable time to post. There are few tools available, which pick the right time to publish your posts. This actually reduces the negatives and improves audience engagement.

Measure Your Progress

You will not know your progress, until you measure it. Take it as a challenge and find out the impact of a social media campaign on your business. Knowing the impact precisely is important because it helps you to make better discussion regarding budget, technology, resources, etc. Taking right decisions at the right time keeps your business in the progressive path.

Know Your Customers

You can’t be a customer oriented company unless you know the customers. This is not only the important part of your marketing but also of your business. No business has grown big without knowing customer needs, concerns and expectations. Knowing your customer will help you to channelize your social media campaign effectively and quickly.

Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

Just like link building, even in social media marketing quality matters. Compromising quality over quantity might make your followers to unfollow you on social media. Put your efforts for creating quality content, which engages your followers, provide value to your audience and attract new people.

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Social Media Marketing

Five Common Social Media Marketing Myths

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Social media is an amazing marketing tool to reach global audience almost instantly. Over the last few years, social media has grown rapidly. Just like everything else in the world, social media also undergoes changes. And these changes give rise to many misconceptions and myths. Below are the most common social media marketing myths you can’t afford to believe.

MYTH 1: Having Huge Number Of Followers Guarantees The Success Of A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Having thousands and millions of followers is easy these days. There are several automation tools available on the Internet that can provide you any number of followers you want. Due to this, pages which have a million followers and zero engagements are common nowadays. What matter the most is engagement rate. Hence, focus on building real followers and establish credibility.

MYTH 2: Social Media Marketing Needs No Money

This is the most widespread misconception about SMM. Social media marketing is not free; it is social media, which is free. Every single social media platform, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. ask marketers to pay for reaching more people. The more you pay the more people you reach. Moreover, you need a social media expert to create a content that is not only relevant to your business, but also engaging.

MYTH 3: It Is Good To Market On Every Social Media Platform Available

No, it is not a good idea. No matter, what marketing strategy you opt, being cost-effective is important. Targeting all the social media networks will waste your time, money and efforts. Not all social media networks are same. Moreover, each one of them has a different kind of audience. Analyze which social media platform best suits your business, business type, business goals, etc. and target only those platforms. In this way, your social media campaign will be more efficient.

MYTH 4: Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Suit My Business

Still, many people think that their customers aren’t online. Therefore, they believe social media marketing is not helpful for them. Currently, Facebook has more than two billion users and Twitter has more than 300 million users. These numbers are exponentially increasing. In the recent years, many other social media networks have emerged and gained a lot of popularity. Not matter, what business you own, your potential customers are on social media.

MYTH 5: Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Deliver Results

Measuring Return On Investment (ROI) can be a difficult task. Some marketers don’t know how exactly social media ROI is calculated. As the result of which, they fail to provide a detailed report. Due to this, people come to a conclusion that social media marketing doesn’t deliver required results. But the reality is something else. More than 70% of marketers, who are expert in ROI calculation, say that Social Media Marketing brings them substantial results. If done properly, social media marketing can bring amazing results.

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social media marketing

Which Social Media Platform Suits Your Business

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Social media marketing is one of the best marketing methods we have. Beginners usually have a misconception that marketing on all social media channels is beneficial. Targeting all social media platforms can be a costly affair. You should do marketing only on those platforms which suit your business best. Therefore, in this blog post, we will help you to decide which social media platform suits your business.


Launched in 2010, Instagram is one of the youngest social media platforms. If your business or online presence is related to fashion, food, lifestyle or luxury brands then Instagram is your ideal place for marketing. Because this social media channel is all about sharing visual content. Share pictures and short videos on the regular basis, and establish a good relationship with your audience.


Every social media network has its own kind of audience. These audiences may belong to specific age group, gender, profession, region, religion, language, etc. Here Facebook is an exception. No matter what type of business you own, Facebook is your ideal social media marketing platform because it literally has all kinds of audience you can imagine. You can share every kind of content, events, ads, etc., to improve revenue, brand awareness, brand recognition and brand loyalty.


Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is an ideal place of marketing for B2B business providers. It is also used by Job seekers and Recruiters. You can share your job postings, company description and also conduct employee & employer research. It is advisable to maintain the post frequency of two to three posts a week.


Twitter is suitable for almost everyone from small local business owners to big multinational companies. There are efficient tools such as Buffer, which help you to stockpile and schedule content in advance. This indeed is the best option to gain followers around the globe without working round the clock.


As you all know, YouTube is a platform for sharing videos. Any brand which can produce a lot of video content such as sharing expertise, explanation, animations, events, etc. can use YouTube for the marketing purposes. Moreover, YouTube videos have a great weightage in Google search results.


Did you know more than 70% of Pinterest users are female? If you have an online presence related to design, fashion, food, travel, etc., then Pinterest is a suitable platform for you. Add creative content multiple times a day and keep your audience engaged. Another noteworthy quality of this platform is that it favors recent content more. Therefore, it is necessary pin and repin to appear in current results.


Google+ is a more formal and professional alternative social media platform of Facebook. It is used by brands, which already have a presence on other social media networks, bloggers and B2B providers. One of the key benefits of Google+ is that it enhances search engine optimization.

Social media management

Why You Should Hire A Social Media Expert

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Social Media Marketing isn’t just about posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Over the last few years, social media marketing has changed a lot due to stiff competition. Today, you can’t simply run a social media campaign and generate leads without a social media expert. A social media expert takes care of several things and channelize your campaign to achieve your business goals efficiently. Below are the reasons why you need to hire a social media expert.

Social Media Marketing Needs Experience

Social media marketing is a tangled job. One needs a lot of experience to run a social media campaign successfully. Without proper experience, social media campaign gives a poor return on investment. A social media expert has required skills and experience to sketch a marketing strategy that engages the audience and deliver desired results.

Your Time Is Valuable For Your Business

Nobody understands your business like you do. You are an expert in your field, and hence your time is extremely valuable for your business. Spending your valuable time on social media marketing is not a good idea. Other aspects of your business might get neglected. Therefore, hiring an expert will not only give amazing results, but also saves your valuable time & money.

Social Media Experts Make Your Campaign Cost Effective

Hiring a social media expert is a kind of investment, which gives you high returns. Without knowing this fact, beginners usually tend to take the command in their hand. As the result of which, they pay more for ads. Taking professional help makes things cost-effective. Marketing experts say that hiring a social media expert reduces the ads’ budget by up to 25%.

A Social Media Expert Conducts Research & Analyzes The Data

Today’s social media marketing is dynamic in nature. Hence, marketing strategies should be evolved to adapt the changes such as search engine regulations, market fluctuations, behaviour of audience etc. A successful strategy which you used a couple of months back, may not be effective today. A social media expert with all his experience improvises and fine tunes his strategies to bring desired results despite its fluid nature.

An Expert Creates Valuable Content

Social media is continuously loaded with lots and lots of content. In addition to that, the average attention span of people over social media is less. Just uploading some generic content doesn’t work. You need a content which catches attention, engages and as well as establishes authority. This is something, which is extremely difficult for business owners to do. Taking professional help is the only solution to solve this problem. A social media expert will help you to create clear and error-free content that provides value to your audience.

Facebook Marketing

How To Optimize Your Facebook Page

By | Facebook, Social Media Marketing

There are more than 50 million business pages on Facebook. Everyone is trying to reach more people and seek attention. As the result of which, there is a stiff competition over Facebook. That’s exactly why you need to optimize your Facebook page to standout. Here are the essential methods to optimize your Facebook page.

1. It’s all in the name

Choosing the right name for your Facebook page really matters. Google gives more significance to the first word of your Facebook page title. That’s why adding funky words to your title is a bad idea. A good Facebook page title is brandable and always reflects the business you do. After all, a name is the first thing which visitors notice.

2. Customize your Facebook URL

Facebook provides a feature to customize your vanity URL. With the help of this feature, you can match your URL to your brand name. This will help new visitors to remember your brand name and thus makes it easy to find your page through Facebook or a search engine.

3. Do the right detailing

Make sure that you don’t leave any field empty. A fully filled profile without any grammatical mistakes reflects professionalism and adds credibility. In the section –About us, add correct and up-to-date information. Because a potential customer trying to contact you should have no difficulties.

4. Add Facebook tabs

A Facebook page has three default tabs that are About usEvents and Photos. Other than that Facebook allows you to create your own tabs. More tabs mean more freedom to express. Create new suitable tabs, which are related to your business. For example, discounts, upcoming offers, etc.

5. Check page insights regularly

Knowing data from the past always helps us to plan future. Page insights give data on how your page and posts are performing. Keeping an eye on insights reveals who your visitors are and what are they engaging with. Thus, it lets you know whether you are targeting right audience or not.

6. Pin the best quality posts

Well, first impression is the best impression. Whenever you pin a post, it stays at the top of your page giving visitors greater visibility. Pinning your best posts give your new visitors a great and long-lasting impression.

7. Make use of call to action button

A call to action button is something, which can convert a visitor into a customer. With call to action button, your customer is just one click away from reaching you. Add appropriate CTA buttons in your page. Few examples of CTA buttons are contact us, sign up, book an appointment, visit us, etc.

8. Hire a professional for photos and graphics

Posts containing images get more attraction as well as interaction. A picture speaks, whether it is a profile picture, cover photo or an individual post. It’s worth the money and reflects professional aspects of your page.

9. Link back to your page

Add a link of your Facebook page in your blogs and in suitable places of your business website. It makes your visitors aware of your page and as well as helps your page to attain higher search engine ranking.

10. Keep updating

Update your audience regularly with your posts. Don’t try to sell something all the time. Try to engage your audience. Ask questions, wish on festivals, go live or share some interesting facts related to your business. It will establish a good relationship, which is the base to do any business.


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