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How Do Online Reviews Impact Business

By | Online reputation

Your digital marketing efforts make your audience aware of your products and feed all the necessary information. A person before becoming a customer come across these questions:

  • Is the product worth the money?
  • Do I get the quality which I have been promised?
  • Will it fulfill my needs?
  • Will I repent after the purchase?
  • Should I purchase? Etc.

Of course, you being a seller will proclaim that your products are worth the money and have quality. Will a new customer take your word? That’s where reviews come into the picture. Let’s know how online reviews can impact your business.


Reviews from the recent customers or consumers are considered as trustworthy. Positive reviews always elevate trust in your product, and negative reviews might harm your business reputation. Trust is a foundation which needs to be built for all businesses; good reviews exactly do that. Nobody will spend money on anything that they don’t trust.

Buying Decision

 We live in a digital age. Before downloading a free app from the Play Store, we look at the star rating. It is very obvious that a potential customer will do a research before spending money on your product or service. Reading online reviews is one of the most popular and common methods to do a research on a particular brand. Every probable customer wants to know what your recent customers have to say. That’s how a review can make a great impact on buying decision.

Conversion rate

A conversion rate is equal to the number of people who bought your product divided by the total number of visitors. Conversion rate is highly dependent on trust established and buying decision of customers. Building trust and influencing a customer’s buying decision in a positive way help you achieve a higher conversion rate. A higher conversion rate indicates that your products & services are liked by customers especially new customers.

Search Engine Ranking

 Conversion rate is one of the key factors which search engines use to rank websites. In simple words, higher conversion rates help you attain higher search engine rankings. In digital marketing, getting a higher search engine ranking is very vital because it provides greater visibility, traffic and credibility.

Positive reviews have an added advantage. Reviews can be a source of quality backlinks. If your website is featured in many review websites, then it can attract quality backlinks. Quality backlinks further adds traffic to your websites and help to build new relationships.


Reviews are important as well as powerful. Positive reviews will bring more business with other benefits, and negative reviews will harm your business. Good thing is that bad reviews can be changed by smart and honest responding. It is a good practice to communicate with customers and respond to reviews. It makes your site engaging and increases the quality of service you provide.

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