Why Your Business Needs a Blog

By May 14, 2018 November 16th, 2018 Blogging
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In the recent years, blogs have become extremely popular. But yet many business owners, especially small-business owners overlook the importance of blogs. A blog not only enhances search engine optimization but also engages your audience and keeps them up-to-date. Below are the top reasons why your business needs a blog.

Blogs Bring Exposure

A blog helps you to attract right people to your website. Websites usually don’t have enough pages and content to rank on various types of keywords. As the result of which, it becomes difficult to rank for different kinds of keywords. Blogs are the perfect solution for this problem. With the help of a blog, you can add fresh content optimized with various keywords. Google will index your content for various keywords. Increment in the number of keywords you rank for, will increase your exposure.

Blogs Generate More Leads

There is a relationship between the number of pages a website has and the number of leads it receives. Experts say that the more pages a website has the more leads it generates. In other words, the more content you have the more leads you will receive. Blogs give you an opportunity to take advantage of this fact. You can consistently add high-quality genuine content in the form of blog posts and gain new leads, which play an important role in customer base expansion.

Blogs Establish Authority

Today, blogs are considered as a fundamental aspect of a website. Customers usually expect a website to have its own blog. Having a blog will give a good impression to your visitors. With the help of blog, you can provide valuable insights, helpful information, guidelines, answers for common questions, etc. and establish authority as well as credibility. Authority and credibility influence your audience positively. It will more likely convert a customer enquiry into a business transaction.

Answer Customer Queries

Gaining new customers is not easy. New customers rightfully have many questions that need to be answered. Customers usually hesitate to make the next move if their queries are left unanswered. Adding standard FAQs in your website doesn’t help much. Blogs give you an opportunity to answer wide range of customer questions without any limitations. Experts say any business, which answers customer queries tend to receive more leads and generally have a higher conversion rate.

Blogging & Social Media Marketing Complement Each Other

Social media is an excellent medium to market your business. Although social media marketing gives long lasting results, but building an engaging audience over social media usually takes a lot of time. Moreover, social media marketing needs content. That’s where blogging comes into the picture. Every single blog post you share over social media gives your audience an opportunity to share it across all the social media platforms. In this way, your blogs can enhance your social media efforts and as well as bring traffic to your website.