Why It Is Important To Rank On Google’s First Page?

By February 24, 2018 November 15th, 2018 Search Engine Optimizaion
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Google has been dominating the search engine market, and it will continue to dominate in the future as well. That’s why the ultimate goal of any digital marketing strategy is to reach Google’s First Page. In this blog post, you will learn why ranking on Google’s first page is important for every business.


 There is a reason why stores are mainly located along the streets. That’s because, these stores are easily visible and reachable for the potential customers who pass through the street. The same thing applies to search engine results pages. Being on the first page of Google makes your business noticeable and accessible for new customers. These new customers expand your customer base and help you to grow big.


 Guess what will happen, if a customer searches for a product or service that you provide and find your business in the first page of Google? Obviously, he is more likely to trust your business. It will give an impression that your business is well-established and better than your competitors. With an elevated trust, a probable customer is more likely to buy your products/services. Consequently, your sales increase.


 One of the biggest advantages of holding a place in Google’s first result page is that it provides ceaseless traffic to your website. This is because the Internet users tend to click more on first page. Here are some interesting statistics that provide the percentage of clicks that a search engine results page gets.

  • First Page: 91.5%
  • Second Page: 4.8%
  • Third Page: 1.1%

That is the kind of dominance the first result page has over the other pages. In simple words, more than 90% of people don’t navigate to second page at all.


Another added benefit of being in first page of Google is that it saves a lot of money. We all know, money saved is money earned. Businesses that are not in first page need to spend more money on various types of advertising. Ranking on Google’s first page will reduce the significant amount of money spent on advertisements.


 There is a stiff competition observed in almost all market sectors. Every business wants to reach more and more people through online. In this environment, being on first page of Google will eliminate almost all business competitors. Beating the competitors will help you to acquire major share in the online market and establishes a strong foundation for your business.


Regardless of the size and type of your business, it is important to be ranked on Google’s first result page. It isn’t something that can be done by using risky black-hat tricks available on Google. Only a good white-hat SEO agency can safely rank you in top positions of Google’s first page.