Which Social Media Platform Suits Your Business

By May 7, 2018 November 16th, 2018 Social Media Marketing
social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best marketing methods we have. Beginners usually have a misconception that marketing on all social media channels is beneficial. Targeting all social media platforms can be a costly affair. You should do marketing only on those platforms which suit your business best. Therefore, in this blog post, we will help you to decide which social media platform suits your business.


Launched in 2010, Instagram is one of the youngest social media platforms. If your business or online presence is related to fashion, food, lifestyle or luxury brands then Instagram is your ideal place for marketing. Because this social media channel is all about sharing visual content. Share pictures and short videos on the regular basis, and establish a good relationship with your audience.


Every social media network has its own kind of audience. These audiences may belong to specific age group, gender, profession, region, religion, language, etc. Here Facebook is an exception. No matter what type of business you own, Facebook is your ideal social media marketing platform because it literally has all kinds of audience you can imagine. You can share every kind of content, events, ads, etc., to improve revenue, brand awareness, brand recognition and brand loyalty.


Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is an ideal place of marketing for B2B business providers. It is also used by Job seekers and Recruiters. You can share your job postings, company description and also conduct employee & employer research. It is advisable to maintain the post frequency of two to three posts a week.


Twitter is suitable for almost everyone from small local business owners to big multinational companies. There are efficient tools such as Buffer, which help you to stockpile and schedule content in advance. This indeed is the best option to gain followers around the globe without working round the clock.


As you all know, YouTube is a platform for sharing videos. Any brand which can produce a lot of video content such as sharing expertise, explanation, animations, events, etc. can use YouTube for the marketing purposes. Moreover, YouTube videos have a great weightage in Google search results.


Did you know more than 70% of Pinterest users are female? If you have an online presence related to design, fashion, food, travel, etc., then Pinterest is a suitable platform for you. Add creative content multiple times a day and keep your audience engaged. Another noteworthy quality of this platform is that it favors recent content more. Therefore, it is necessary pin and repin to appear in current results.


Google+ is a more formal and professional alternative social media platform of Facebook. It is used by brands, which already have a presence on other social media networks, bloggers and B2B providers. One of the key benefits of Google+ is that it enhances search engine optimization.