Top Five Factors That Make A Backlink High-Quality

By April 2, 2018 November 16th, 2018 Backlinks
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Quality of a backlink plays a vital role in search engine optimization (SEO). It can either elevate or drop your search engine ranking. Have you ever wondered what makes a backlink a high-quality backlink? Today, we will help you understand what are the factors that decide the quality of a backlink. Below are the top five factors that a quality of a backlink depends upon.


Domain age is the most important factor. Getting backlinks from an older website with consistent ownership is beneficial compared to newer websites. In a way, it tells the search engine that your backlink is reliable and high in quality. Therefore, always try to get links from the old websites. Few links from old websites are far better than several links from the new websites. In Link Building, quality matters the most. So, increase quantity of backlinks without compromising the quality.


Getting backlinks from a relevant source is one of the key factors in search engine optimization. If you sell pharmaceutical products, then getting a link from your cousin’s logo designing website is not a good idea. Google evaluates relevance of a link at different levels:
● Relevance of content around the link
● Relevance of the page on which the link is present
● Relevance of the linking website
Google treats links from the irrelevant sources as low quality links. Keep monitoring your backlink profile, if you get any low-quality backlinks then disavow them.


Not many know that the location of a link in a content also plays an important role. Search engine gives preference to editorial links. Google considers the link that appears at the beginning of the content or in the main section of a page as an important link, compared to those who appear in bottom paragraphs or footer.


If the words used in the anchor text matches the keywords which you are aiming to rank for, then Google considers it as a high-quality backlink. However, one needs to be careful while using anchor text links. If a website gets plenty of incoming links, which consists of identical anchor link text, then it will look suspicious. Therefore, it is a good practice to vary your anchor link text.


Search engines give preference to those backlinks which are present on a high authority website. The importance of a backlink further increases if the website shares the same niche as yours. Keep authority of linking domains along with the other four factors mentioned above in mind while building links. Always go for natural link building methods. It may take time, but it gives long-lasting results.