The Importance Of Quality Content For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By March 4, 2018 November 16th, 2018 Search Engine Optimizaion
Content Marketing

Search engine optimization is all about ranking your website higher in search engine results page. To achieve a higher rank, it is important to know what Google loves or expects in a website. Ever since the inception of Google, quality content has been the prime factor for ranking a website. Here is the importance of quality content in search engine optimization that you need to know.

1. Quality Content is the Best Source For Quality Backlinks

Backlinks can be defined as incoming links to your website. Just imagine, why would someone link to your website? There are only two probable reasons. One, you have paid for the links. Two, you have high-quality content. In most of the cases, paid links lead to Google penalty. Hence people generally link to a website solely because of quality content. Furthermore, high-quality backlinks are known to increase your search engine ranking.

2. Minimizes Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate can be defined as the percentage of visitors who exit your website after viewing only one page. Poor content reduces readability, fails to retain your visitors, and therefore, increases the bounce rate. High-quality content will make your visitors to stick, to your website and lowers the bounce rate. Lesser bounce rate enhances search engine optimization and improves your ranking in search engine results page.

3. Boosts Confidence

Customers’ trust is fundamental for every single business. A business without the trust from the people cannot survive. Content plays an important role for building trust. A customer is less likely to trust a website that has poor content. Well written content not only improves readability but also reflects professionalism. Hence, quality content makes it easy for you to establish trust and gain the confidence of your customers.

4. Improves Conversion Rate

In the above points, we have already discussed that quality content minimizes bounce rate and boosts confidence. These two points contribute to improve the conversion rate. A visitor who trusts your business and is less likely to exit your site will most probably convert into your customer. Higher conversion rate is nothing but more sales and expansion of customer base. In short, your business grows gradually.

5. Helps You To Reach Wider Audience

In the recent years, usage of blogs has become popular to reach more people, especially across social media such as Facebook and Twitter. There are two advantages of reaching the wider audience. One, your website will get huge traffic. Two, you can gain new customers. This can happen only if your content is good enough to share on social media.