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Five Common Email Marketing Myths You Need To Know

By | Email Marketing

When it comes to acquiring new customers, email marketing is 40 times more efficient than Facebook and Twitter combined. Rightfully email marketing is extremely popular. Due to this reason, there are so many studies, tips and discussions available on the Internet, which sometimes give rise to myths. In the article, we will list the most common email marketing myths that you shouldn’t believe.

MYTH 1: Email Marketing Is Dead

No, email marketing is not dead. On contrary, email marketing is as active as search engine optimization (SEO). It is the best marketing method we have in the marketing kingdom. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you gain $30. That is 3800% Return On Investment (ROI). No other marketing channels give you such extremely high return on investment.

MYTH 2: Customers Receive Too Many Emails Already

It sounds correct, isn’t it? Most of the people fall for this myth and avoid email marketing. The fact is that customers receive limited emails per day. Here are some eye-opening statistics:
● 60% of the people get less than six emails per day from the credible brands.
● 40% of above-mentioned people get less than three emails a day.
Therefore, you have plenty of scope to do effective email marketing.

MYTH 3: Send Your Emails In Evening 6

There are many myths related to the best time for sending emails. Some say weekdays are best, some say weekends, some say morning and others say evening. Following these trends may not be a good idea. If everyone is targeting same time, then the probability of getting clicks reduces. Moreover, 85% of people open the email two days later. Therefore, there isn’t any universal best time. It varies list to list. It is good to experiment and find out the best time.

MYTH 4: People Tend To Hit Spam Button

This is one of the most widespread myths, due to which people start to ignore email marketing. Yes, being flagged for sending spam is not at all good for an email marketing campaign. Fact is that people don’t tend to hit spam button. A study revealed that only 0.05% of people who receive email hit the spam button. As long as you are sending valuable and helpful content, you have nothing to worry about.

MYTH 5: Don’t Send The Same Email Twice

If you want to begin an email marketing campaign, then you are more likely to receive this myth in form of a tip. A person might not have read your email for the first time. It is perfectly alright to send the same email again. There is no need to rephrase the entire email. Keep the below three important things in mind before resending an email.
● Prefer to resend only important emails.
● Modify the subject line such that the meaning remains same.
● Don’t hurry. Wait for at least 3 days before resending an email.

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

By | Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending commercial emails to potential or current customers. It is as simple as it looks. Email Marketing is easy and effective compared to traditional marketing methods. In this blog post, we are presenting top reasons why your business needs Email Marketing.


Conversion rate is one of the key elements in digital marketing. Email Marketing has the better conversion rate, compared to Search & Social Media Marketing. Hence, Email Marketing is one of the most efficient marketing methods we have.


This is the reason why many business owners go for Email Marketing. It is very cheap compared to other traditional methods of marketing. This form of marketing gets your work done in a small budget. Hence it is also suitable for small businesses.


When it comes to ROI Email Marketing is the best. For every $1 spent on email marketing, there is an average return of above $40. Therefore, email marketing is extremely cost-effective. If you are not using email marketing yet, then you are missing out huge opportunities.


Determining the success of your email campaign is simple and anyone can do it. Most of the people are already familiar with the terms such as Clicks, Spam complaints, Unsubscribes etc. Having basic knowledge of Google Analytics is enough to measure leads and sales generated via email campaign.


Email marketing is the easiest method to bring traffic to your website. Sending exciting offer via email will not only make the potential customers to visit your site but also makes them to make a purchase. In addition to that, you can advertise blog articles and other interesting content.


It is very obvious that everyone is not going to make a purchase. But in the long run, email marketing builds a relationship with your potential customers and generates leads, which convert into sales.


One of the biggest plus point about email marketing is that you are in control over everything. You can decide when to reach your audience, what message to convey, whom to convey, etc. You don’t have this kind of control with other marketing channels.


Not many know that the number of people using email is more than the number of people using Twitter and Facebook combined. Therefore, you definitely have a larger audience to reach compared to social media platforms.


The problem with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is that you will never know whether you have reached your target audience. Email marketing has 78% delivery rate, which is far better from other forms of marketing.


It is not necessary to be a marketing expert to run email campaigns. Email marketing involves extremely low risk. Anyone with basic knowledge can do email marketing and earn high return on investment.