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Googles disavow tool

How to remove Toxic or Bad Links Penalty using Google Disavow Tool

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Bad or Toxic Link occurs due to the number of Google Webmaster Guidelines violating factors namely building unnatural low-quality backlinks to your website, making use of the link exchange schemes, if you buy links from untrustworthy and low-quality SEO Company, etc.

What to do when you find a bad link in your site?

Google Disavow Tools is the first thing everyone gets in their mind if they find a bad link on their website, so what will the Disavow tool do?

Will it clear your bad links on the website? No, they provide the instruction to the search algorithm that they should not make use of them or count them when analyzing a site.

Steps to use Disavow Tool to abolish the Toxic or Bad Links

 Proceed below to check out the steps you can try to diminish the toxic list from your website.

 1. Try Manually

Before trying out the Disavow tool you need to check for the possibilities to remove them manually by yourself, it means outreaching.

If you can contact someone to remove the links, you can email them and request for the removal of links, and this will help in complete removal of the bad links rather than keeping it hidden from search engines.

 2. Sorting out the Toxic Links

There are some characteristics to consider when finding the bad links. You need to ask the below questions if you doubt specific links of your website,

  • If your anchor text and keywords are unnatural.
  • If you do not find a relevant content based on the topic.
  • If the link is in the footer but hidden at the back of HTML.
  • If the links redirect to an unconnected or unrelated page.
  • In the case of the links moving to spammy websites.

You can make use of Search Consoles to find these toxic links, so here are some of the illustrations you can follow.

  • Login to Search Console and click on the website property you need to analyze.
  • Check for the “Search Traffic” option located on your sidebar menu once you have clicked on the property.
  • Clicking the “Search Traffic” will result in a set of options and from that click on the “Links to your Site.”
  • You will get a page with all of your links listed, and click on the “Who links the most” section and choose “More” from it.
  • You will get a set of links listed, and those will be the domains that are linking to your website. You can download them for the future reference.
  • You will find two buttons at the top namely “Download more sample links” and “Download latest links” which will help in finding the right unnatural links to your site.

Apart from the search console, you can also make use of other backlink explorers namely Ahrefs, Majestic, Open Site Explorer, etc. To find out the toxic links.

 3. Organize your Toxic Links

You need to submit the set of toxic links in .txt when you disavow links, so make sure you change the format and then submit.

Converting them is not tougher, you just need to copy and paste them in a google document, and from the file, option click on “Download as ” and choose the plain text option so that you will have your toxic links organized in a text file. Make sure that every link is in the separate line while submitting the text file to the disavow tool.

How to Make use of Disavow tool now?

You can visit here to reach the Disavow tool; you need to choose the preferred website and click on the Disavow links. You will be redirected to a page with a warning in highlighted yellow color that you are going to do something irreversible and essential.

Just click on the “Disavow Links” to provide the instruction to the search engine not to consider the links. Once you have clicked the link, the tool will ask you to upload the text file with your toxic links, just choose the file and submit them.

Yeah! The work is done, you have stopped the bad links to show up on the search results using the disavow tool. Make sure you are not making the same mistake again.

Google Search Engine


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Google is the most popular and widely used search engine in the world. Using Google has become an important part of our lives. Today, we carry Google in our pockets and use it for everything from “knowing movie reviews” to “understanding gravitational waves.” At some point of the time we all have wondered, how Google comes up with amazing results for our query within no time. Let’s understand, how exactly Google does it.

But before that, you need to know how the Internet, web page, Google and user fit all together. Let us take an example: What do you do when you have a query and don’t know which books in the library have the information you need? Obviously, you take help of a librarian. A librarian understands your query and comes up with the best books matching your description by going through numerous books. The Internet works in the similar fashion. The Internet is like a library, websites are like books, and Google acts as a librarian.

Google’s follows two steps to provide relevant results to your query.

1. Crawling & Indexing
2. Ranking


Crawling is a process carried out to find new and updated pages. Crawling isn’t an easy job because there are billions of web pages worldwide. Google uses a huge set of computers to crawl these billions of web pages with the help of a program. This program is called as Googlebot. It is also known as a spider, bot or robot. Computer programs decide three things for a website:
● Which page to crawl
● How frequently to crawl
● How many pages to fetch

Spiders begin with fetching a couple of pages, and then they follow the links on that couple of pages and fetch the page they point to and follow all the links on those pages and so on until almost all web pages are covered. Google gathers web pages during the crawling process to create an index. This index is similar to an index present in the back of a book. Google index consists of words and their locations.


Whenever you Google search, algorithms look up your keywords in the index to find the appropriate web pages. For a search query, there are hundreds of web pages. In order to show the best web pages at the top and low-quality ones in the last, Google ranks the pages. Currently, there are more than two hundred ranking factors that Google uses to rank a page. Some of the most important ranking signals are given below:
● Content Quality
● Backlinks
● Mobile Friendly
● Speed
● Social Signals
● Security (HTTPS)
● User Experience

Link Building Services

Top Five Factors That Make A Backlink High-Quality

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Quality of a backlink plays a vital role in search engine optimization (SEO). It can either elevate or drop your search engine ranking. Have you ever wondered what makes a backlink a high-quality backlink? Today, we will help you understand what are the factors that decide the quality of a backlink. Below are the top five factors that a quality of a backlink depends upon.


Domain age is the most important factor. Getting backlinks from an older website with consistent ownership is beneficial compared to newer websites. In a way, it tells the search engine that your backlink is reliable and high in quality. Therefore, always try to get links from the old websites. Few links from old websites are far better than several links from the new websites. In Link Building, quality matters the most. So, increase quantity of backlinks without compromising the quality.


Getting backlinks from a relevant source is one of the key factors in search engine optimization. If you sell pharmaceutical products, then getting a link from your cousin’s logo designing website is not a good idea. Google evaluates relevance of a link at different levels:
● Relevance of content around the link
● Relevance of the page on which the link is present
● Relevance of the linking website
Google treats links from the irrelevant sources as low quality links. Keep monitoring your backlink profile, if you get any low-quality backlinks then disavow them.


Not many know that the location of a link in a content also plays an important role. Search engine gives preference to editorial links. Google considers the link that appears at the beginning of the content or in the main section of a page as an important link, compared to those who appear in bottom paragraphs or footer.


If the words used in the anchor text matches the keywords which you are aiming to rank for, then Google considers it as a high-quality backlink. However, one needs to be careful while using anchor text links. If a website gets plenty of incoming links, which consists of identical anchor link text, then it will look suspicious. Therefore, it is a good practice to vary your anchor link text.


Search engines give preference to those backlinks which are present on a high authority website. The importance of a backlink further increases if the website shares the same niche as yours. Keep authority of linking domains along with the other four factors mentioned above in mind while building links. Always go for natural link building methods. It may take time, but it gives long-lasting results.

Build Quality Backlinks

TOP 10 Effective Ways To Build Quality Backlinks

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Too much of anything is bad. Backlinks play an important role in SEO but too much of linking back to your site, might get you penalized. It is better to focus on quality of backlinks than quantity. Here are the ten most effective ways to build high-quality backlinks.

1.  Comment On Relevant Blog Posts

Commenting without reading the blog post might be considered as spam. You may lose your ranking. Read the blog post first, and then comment your views with giving reference to the content of the blog post. That will be a more genuine and natural way to gain online presence and quality backlinks from your niche.

2. Do Article Marketing

 Article marketing has been doing a great job in building quality backlinks. Search good article directories that are relevant to your niche and submit your posts. Here, content of your articles plays a vital role. Quality of the backlinks depends on quality of your content.

3. Use Broken-Link Building Method

 Broken links are the links which don’t work. Clicking on them will lead to the message – This webpage is not available. Having such broken links may affect ranking of a website. Here the idea is to report broken-link present on a website to its webmaster and ask to replace it with your link. The webmaster might return the favour. Make sure that you are friendly, when you approach webmasters.

4. Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites

There are many social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon etc. Your website will gain quality backlinks, if you submit your blog to social bookmarking sites. With this method, you will also have a new source of traffic.

5. Share Your Blog Posts On Social Networking Sites

 Most of your potential customers are on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media is considered as a great source of traffic. Be consistent in sharing your blog posts to get quality backlinks. This will also create an online presence and drive more traffic to your blog. In the long run, you will be successful in creating your own community.

6. Guest posting is evergreen

Guest posting is most common as well as an effective way to build quality backlinks. It is more effective when you are able to create high-quality unique content. It will help you to reach unexplored audience. Always choose suitable blogs and topics to keep your audience engaged and interested.

7. Q&A Sites

Question and answer sites such as Quora, Stackexchange and Reddit are gaining huge popularity. Ask questions and answer questions related to your blog’s niche and mention your blog link as a source. Your blog will gain reputation, wide exposure and quality backlinks.

8. Review Popular Products and Companies

Reviewing popular products and Companies in your niche benefits you as well as the company. Reviews of third-party are considered to be trustworthy and unbiased. Companies might link your post to showcase company’s image in the market.

9. Press Release Works

Whenever you do a press release, make sure that it contains newsworthy content, which catches the attention of your potential audience. The main aim of a press release is to build the brand and add credibility. If done right, press releases can build authoritative backlinks because it can be picked up by any news sites.

10. Upload To Document Sharing Sites

Select only those document-sharing sites, which are trusted by Google and are do-follow. Convert your blog posts into PDF file and upload to document sharing site. It is as simple as that. It is a simple and effective way to build backlinks.

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