How to Setup and Optimize Google My Business Listing

By November 1, 2017 November 16th, 2018 Google, Local SEO, Search Engine Optimizaion
Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is an amazing marketing tool which helps you to achieve powerful online presence. With GMB, your business will be found at right time and right place. To extract maximum benefit, it is very important to optimize your Google My Business listing.

1. Keep Your NAP and Other Information Up To Date

NAP is nothing but Name, Address and Phone number. Keep all the information up to date and same across all directories, so that no confusion is created. With unclear or old NAP, you lose all your potential customers trying to contact you. Beginners usually fail to notice map listing. Make sure that pin placed over the map is at accurate location.

2. Verify Your Account

 Verified accounts are reliable and usually gain higher ranking. A verified account reflects professionalism and easily builds trust. There are multiple ways to verify your Google My Business page:

  • Via Postcard
  • Via Phone
  • Via Instant Verification
  • Via Bulk verification

3. Select Suitable Categories For Business

Google now allows you to select more than one category for your business and has expanded category section by adding many new and relevant categories. Choose appropriate and specific categories for your business. This reflects the services you provide and help Google to direct your business to probable customers effectively.

4. Hire a Professional For Images

With images, your potential customers will get a better idea about your business and things you do. It is advised to take help from a professional, so that your images’ exhibit professionalism and builds your brand.

  • Upload high-quality profile and cover photos, which display what your business/company is about.
  • Create a 360° virtual tour of your business place.
  • Make a logo for your business, so that people can easily identify you.
  • Add additional photos, which display different features and areas of your company.

5. Specify Accurate Business Hours

 Google My Business allows you to mention opening hours as well as special hours. Letting your customers know when you are available is important. Mention business hours and special hours accurately, so that a customer doesn’t have to make a call for knowing the status of your store.

6. Get Reviews

 Just like an app in the Google play store, your business will be judged on the ratings and reviews of your customers. Gently ask satisfied customers to review your business on Google. Getting a good review adds credibility and brings more business. Keep replying to your reviews. For negative reviews, be friendly and ensure better experience in the future.

7. Embedded Google Map on Contact Page

Your contact page is not complete unless you add embedded Google Map to it. It helps your visitors and potential clients to know your physical location without leaving your website. It is easy to add embedded Google Map.

  1. Go to Google Maps and find your store.
  2. Besides your store name in the search bar, there will be a menu button (look for three horizontal lines), click on it.
  3. A panel will open up in left. Click on “share or embedded map.”
  4. A pop-up box will be displayed. Click on “embedded map.”
  5. Copy the iframe code and paste it on your contact page.

8. Payment Methods

It is a good practice to mention payment options, which you accept at your business. It is advised to provide diverse payment options, so that customer has the freedom and experiences a user-friendly atmosphere.

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