Five SEO Fundamentals That Never Change With Algorithm Updates

By May 28, 2018 November 16th, 2018 Search Engine Optimizaion

Google brings small and as well as major changes in its algorithm frequently. These algorithm updates affect the online presence of a website. To adapt these changes a webmaster evolves his best practices regularly. But there are few basic SEO fundamentals that never change with algorithm updates. Below are those five SEO fundamentals to focus on.

1. Quality Content

Right from the beginning, Google has been rewarding the websites that have original and high-quality content. No matter how many algorithm updates are released. Quality content will be the key factor for ranking a website. In fact, most of the algorithm updates are released to detect quality content and reward it. Quality content has been the top-most SEO fundamental, and it will continue to be forever.

2. Keywords Are Evergreen

Have you ever wondered, how Google decides which website has the relevant content for a search query? Obviously, it is the keywords which tell Google that your website has a query relevant content. No matter how times Google updates its algorithm, keywords will remain a key factor for search engine optimization (SEO). Although keywords are important, overdoing it can cause the damage to your online visibility. Therefore, maintain an optimal keyword density.

3. Blackhat Techniques Are Harmful

Along with the dos, don’ts are equally important in SEO. The overall Google’s job can be divided into two parts. One, to present high-quality relevant content. Two, to penalize websites that doesn’t follow Google Guidelines. In past, Google has brought major changes in its algorithm to catch websites that use blackhat techniques and penalize them. In future too, Google will bring updates to detect blackhat techniques more precisely. Hence, following Google Guidelines is one of the most basic best practices.

4. Bots Need To Crawl Your Website

Only after bots crawling your website, Google will come to know what content your website has. Without crawling, Google cannot present search results for a query. This is the part where technical SEO plays a key role. From proper site loading to presenting right pictures of your brand, lots of things come under technical SEO. Although few technical factors may fluctuate, keeping your website visible will continue to be an SEO fundamental. If your website is not visible to Google bots, then it will not be visible to your customers also.

5. Backlinks

Keywords indicate that your website has relevant content. But how does Google know that your website is a high-quality resource? Backlinks do that job for Google. In simple words, backlinks can be considered as recommendations from other websites. The more relevant and good sites link to your website, the more beneficial it is. Although link building has undergone few changes over the last few years, but the basic concept remains same. Quality links are the best way to improve domain authority, and will continue to be for a long-time at least.