Five Common PPC Mistakes To Avoid

By March 3, 2018 November 16th, 2018 PPC
PPC Management

Pay Per Click advertising is the easiest method to gain instantaneous traffic to your website. As the name indicates, an advertiser needs to pay only for the clicks that his PPC ad obtains. Mistakes in a PPC campaign are not affordable. One or two PPC mistakes can adversely affect overall campaign and result in poor Return On Investment (ROI). In this blog post, we are listing the most common PPC mistakes that you need to avoid.


Being in the number-one position isn’t always profitable. Yes, it does get you more clicks, but is that what you want? You should aim for getting clicks from the traffic that converts. Receiving clicks from irrelevant traffic will cost you money and bring no returns. In general, third, fourth and fifth positions are safe and as well as cost-effective.


For instance, clicking on an “iron box” ad should take your customer to iron box product page and not your homepage. Most of the advertisers solely focus on ad copy and completely ignore the importance of landing page. The irrelevant landing page may create a confusion among your visitors. As the result of which, they might abandon your site. Ensure that clicking on your PPC ad will take your customers to the appropriate page.


PPC advertising allows you to target your ads on specific geographical locations. Not using this feature can drain out your daily budget quickly. For example, if you have a store in London, then people living in London are your most probable customers. Displaying your ad to regions other than London is nothing but waste of money. You should use Geo-targeting to filter out geographically irrelevant traffic, and save money.


Improper usage of broad match keywords can exhaust your budget quickly without gaining anything. Bidding on broad keywords like “furniture” is not a good idea, if you sell only “chairs.” A person looking for furniture is less likely to buy a chair. Hence, using board keywords will attract the traffic, which doesn’t convert. Ensure your keywords are pertinent to services and products that you sell.


The purpose of you using PPC advertisement is to make your customer to take an action. Hence adding a call to action is very important, since it encourages the customer to take some action. Without a proper relevant call to action, your customer might browse through your website and exit. Below are some examples of common calls to action.

  • Buy Now
  • Sign Up
  • Enroll
  • Make an enquiry, etc.