10 Common Myths About Search Engine Optimization

By October 25, 2017 November 16th, 2018 Search Engine Optimizaion

As they say, everything changes with time. It holds good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) too. Search engines are constantly updated, so that better search results are displayed. Due to this, SEO strategies are also changing and giving rise to few myths and misconceptions. Below are the 10 common myths you should be aware of.

1. SEO Is Only For Those Websites, Which Doesn’t Have Quality Content.

This is the most common misconception, which beginners have. Content is the king, no second thoughts on that. A high quality-content website without proper optimization may lose the potential market. Your website will get exposure only if quality content and good SEO strategy work conjointly. Ignoring SEO is a costly affair.

2. Search Engines Penalize For Duplicate Content

Whenever there is a press release, all news websites upload the content of the press release as it is. News websites are the proof that shows search engines do not penalize for duplicate contents. Whenever search engine encounter duplicated contents, it prefers authoritative copy and ignores the rest. That’s why it is always better to have unique and fresh content.

#3. Organic SEO Results Are influenced by Paid Search.

It is the most widespread myth. Hence, huge money is being spent on increasing organic SEO results. Search engines can very well dissociate organic SEO results and paid advertisements. Therefore, paid advertisements do not influence organic SEO results.

4. SEO Is One Time Process

This myth can cause significant harm. Your website may lose the exposure, position, visibility and ranking, which it gained. SEO isn’t a one-time process; it is an ongoing process. It is important to evolve SEO strategies along with the search engine algorithms to be in the competition and excel.

5. The Ultimate Goal Is To Rank No. 1

Many beginners focus exclusively on ranking. Higher ranking is important, but it isn’t everything. People just don’t click on first result blindly. They read snippets before clicking on the results. Just being in No.1 position is not everything. You should also focus on how to convert a visitor into a customer.

6. SEO Is Not Necessary For Startups

Actually, opposite of that is true. SEO is most beneficial to startups. It gives a good and steady start which startups always look for. Remember, well begun is half done. The role of SEO doesn’t end there. Your startup and SEO should work hand in hand to bring great outcomes for your business.

7. More Backlinks Are Good

This is the common misconception with respect to SEO, due to which people end up with too many backlinks. Excessive backlinks do not bring any benefit, but your site might be penalized instead. Analyze the sites before building backlinks because quality is always better than quantity.

8. Exact Match Domains Have a Plus Point

Most of the people believe exact match domains help their site to attain higher ranking. This is not true. To prevent low-quality sites attaining higher ranking solely because of keywords in their domains, Google has released EMD update.

9. META Tags Help To Gain Higher Ranking

Meta descriptions are important to searchers. They should be added but not with an expectation of getting higher rank. While ranking a website, a search engine doesn’t take account of Meta keyword and description tags. Therefore, Meta tags don’t influence your ranking.

10. Am Late, Not Possible To Start SEO Now

Missed out and lately realized the importance of SEO? It’s never too late. You can do some investigation and opt suitable SEO strategies and begin once again. The role of SEO doesn’t end when your site gains higher ranking, it is an ongoing process.

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